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A list of desi card games to ramp up the fun at your next house party

by Aiden

Are you game?

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

Ever since the lockdowns, we’ve all become connoisseurs of the ultimate house party, replete with food, drinks, and of course, a range of exciting party games to ensure your guests are kept amused all through the curfew hours. But three years on, we’ve now exhausted our list of party entertainment, spanning classics like Charades; the dangerous King’s Cup drinking game, not for the faint of heart (or liver); and friendship-ending board games such as Risk and Settlers of Catan. To save you the humiliation of being branded a bad host, we’ve curated a list of new card games to consider, all with a desi twist.


A “drinking game to celebrate all things desi,” this bright and attractive card game consists of 100 cards and eight categories, spanning all things related to desi culture, from Bollywood, to weddings, movies, songs, and much more. Play it with your third-culture desi friends to see how much they really know about the Motherland, or ask your foreign friends to join, to test their knowledge after the fifth wedding you’ve invited them to (I’m ready to take up the challenge). The cards have action prompts to keep the game interesting – ever wanted to know who’s shown up to the mandir hungover? This is the best way to find out! And, of course, alcohol is sure to only add to the fun.


Dring is India’s first-ever house-party brand, made during lockdown by Anchit and Kanishk, two friends-turned-spiritual-brothers who share a love for games, beer, and of course, the company of friends. They now have a range of games, all with a “dash of desi-ness” with the aim of “turning gatherings into ragers.” Their options span The Ultimate Indian Drinking Game, which, true to its name, contains plenty of banter, edgy questions, and dares that will get you banning all camera phones during the party; to Majority Minority, an ice breaker that will help you get to know everyone better (and get everyone drunk in the process).


The desi version of Cards Against Humanity, be prepared to get to know your friends like never before with this pack that asks you to answer prompts ranging from current affairs, to politics, Bollywood, and more, but all related to desi culture. Crowdfunded by hundreds of people, the game is sure to be a hit at any party with friends who have a certain sense of humour, and of course, it wouldn’t be ‘vs sanskaar’ if it wasn’t chock-full of irreverent and even inappropriate punchlines – probably best played when the aunties aren’t present.


SH Enterprises, better known as Social Humour, was founded in 2017 by Avneesh Yadav to create party games for the Indian audience, that foster a sense of camaraderie and a little bit of silliness. Their games include Social Humour: A Crazy Party Game for India, which is similar to the game Apple to Apples, and lives up to its name with its satirical humour, foul language, and plenty of laughs; Paarivarik Humour, which is a family-friendly mashup of Charades and games like Taboo; as well as expansion packs.

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