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Which Thai bars made it onto this year’s ‘Asia’s 50 Best Bars’ list?

by Ashima

Did your favourite get a nod?

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the full Asia’s 50 Best Bars list for 2021.

Topping the countdown is Hong Kong’s Coa, which made its debut on the annual list in 2019 with the Highest New Entry Award. The Mexican-inspired craft cocktail bar centres on tequila and mezcal-based drinks and is named after a machete-like tool that’s used for harvesting agave, the plant central to the distillation of both spirits. So if you find yourself in HK anytime soon and enjoy a punchy cocktail, this is the place to be.

Now in terms of Thai bars that have made the list, once again the professionals in the industry have made us all proud despite the year’s many challenges. With so much tension in the hospitality sector regarding full lockdowns, semi-lockdowns, alcohol bans, and so forth, this occasion calls to celebrate the global drinks community who have been nothing short of resilient. Just check out this stellar lineup that’ll leave you dying for a tipple or two.

11. The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental

22. Tropic City

35. Backstage Cocktail Bar

46. Vesper

48. Teens of Thailand

52. Asia Today

53. Thaipioka

67. Rabbit Hole

81. 008 Bar

85. Sugar Ray You’ve Just Been Poisoned

93. Smalls

For all the winners, browse through the full list here.

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