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What makes Technogym’s equipment unrivalled among its peers? Fitness influencers Sahil Pawa and Nandini ‘Dini’ Sehgal weigh in

by Aiden

If you want to raise the bar in your home gym…

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

As the world keeps changing, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: health and wellness is no longer merely an option, but a necessity that we should invest in. With the plethora of options available to us, however, it’s increasingly difficult to decide: do we go for form over function so the equipment will blend in seamlessly with our home; or do we opt for bulky equipment that offers us versatility and the full range of workouts that we need?

With the world-renowned Technogym brand, however, it was made clear to me that no such compromises need be made. Entering their showroom in Ekkamai, a luxe and welcoming space that will almost instantly inspire you to start your own home gym, it’s easy to see why they are the official partners of hard-hitters in the fitness scene such as the Olympic Games and Formula 1. From their Personal Rack, designed by iconic Italian designer Antonio Citterio; to their first-ever machine, the Unica, which only takes up 1.5sqm and can train your entire body; to their eminently versatile Technogym Bench which offers over 200 exercises, from circuit training, to strength, flexibility, and cardio; and their Technogym Bike which has live classes from around the world; every piece of equipment stands out for their faultless integration of technology and ergonomic design.

Masala spoke to two fitness influencers who were given a chance to train on Technogym equipment and gave their candid, expert insight into why each of the above machines were leaders in their respective fields.

Fitness Coach at Aspire Club

As a fitness coach, Sahil Pawa is an authority on the best kind of equipment not just for himself, but for others wanting to try their hand at strength training.

To that end, he was invited to try the Personal Rack and Unica, both machines that offer a variety of functional and strength training exercises. The former, which comes in black and chrome, has a big focus on safety and high-end design, with its Smart Lock and Precision Glide system which allows for user-friendly support, as well as, I was informed, “the kind of fluidity and ergonomic feel that you would associate with the locking of a BMW door.” The Unica, on the other hand, is extremely compact for a machine that offers over 25 exercises, and is Technogym’s most comprehensive training equipment. Sahil gives his insight on both.

What do you believe stands out about these products out of all the ones you’ve trained with over the years?

Versatility is up there for sure – just looking at the machines, you can easily point out 10, 20, 30 different things you could do with each one. But what really stood out to me is how smooth the machines run, and how aesthetic they are as well – they would fit in any home gym. The make is also very high-quality.

Would you recommend the Power Personal, and why?

Definitely. There are a lot of things that can be done with the Power Personal – there are the barbells of different weights, the dumbbells that we can set up, and it fits into any corner of any room. I’d highly recommend it for sure.

What about the Unica machine?

With this machine, this is where we can bring in some isolation work on many different muscle groups, so I got to try out some chest flies, lat pulldowns, and individual bicep work. There’s lots that could be done there. I would definitely recommend a combination of both the Power Personal and the Unica for a comprehensive, full-body workout.

Spin Instructor at Absolute You

Dini was invited to put both the Technogym Bike and Bench through their paces. The beautifully-designed Technogym Bike can pair with any Apple Watch for a seamless experience, and allows for a total body workout with its range of resistance settings and bike weights. It also provides more than 600 on-demand and live classes from around the world, with some of the most renowned fitness trainers, as well as

options to simulate the outdoors. The Technogym Bench, on the other hand, is an all-inclusive functional training kit which has a range of ergonomic dumbbells, knuckle weights, and resistance bands, to allow you to target specific muscle groups. Dini gave her professional opinion on both.

What were your first impressions of both the Technogym Bike and the Technogym Bench?

Right off the bat, they were both very impressive. The screen is beautiful, and although I’m not very tech-savvy, it’s easy to use and functional. You can even watch movies while working out! The set-up itself was very easy; if you’re doing this at home, it’s easy to do yourself, and avoid any injuries.

Would you recommend the Technogym Bench, and why?

Definitely. It’s great for anyone who’s just looking to build their strength and have a great all-round workout. In other machines, you can just do one exercise and you’re done, but with the bench, there are so many things you can do – I was able to do some cardio and weights, but also some stretches, so it’s a great all-in-one product.

It’s got everything you need space-wise, it won’t look bad in your house; it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

What about the Technogym Bike?

Oh for sure, especially for someone who might be intimidated to go to a group class, which can be quite intense. Especially with the health and hygiene precautions we have to take these days, it’s a great way to get your spin workout at home. It even offers classes from other countries without having to leave the comfort of your home.

There are so many other features on it, which is great for someone who’s really into tracking their workouts or their performance, or for someone who just wants to multitask and watch their favourite show while they’re working out. This specific bike has dumbbells as well, so you can ride and do weights at the same time. I’d definitely recommend it.

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