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Under the Sea

by Webmaster Masala

Nippon Kai Market & Restaurant takes pride in being the best seafood importers in Thonglor and they don’t disappoint.

By Prerna Kishore

Generous portions, artfully presented dishes and the freshest of flavours — Nippon Kai Market & Restaurant delivers them all. The menu, offering something for everyone, also has weekly promotions of up to 50 percent. So whether you go on a date or for a family meal, the restaurant caters to every occasion.

As diners walk in through a sliding glass door, they are welcomed into the sleek all-black themed interior, complete with marble tables and leather chairs. The restaurant consists of a two-storey seating space, with a sushi bar on the first floor as the highlight. Here, the chef can make food for you on the spot or you can choose from a variety of imported seafood and produce to take away. Hanging pendant light bulbs decorate the sleek bar, while two separate bar stands allow for customers to choose between wine and Japanese favourites such as Sake, Shoju and Ume.

Food and Drink

Before your meal, Yum salmon (Thai-style salmon salad) is served in the form of an amuse bouche. For starters, try the Avocado salad (B250), comprising of garden-fresh lettuce combined with sufficient amounts of avocado, onions and cherry tomatoes, all topped with homemade Japanese sesame dressing. Foodies who prefer a deep-fried option should order the Tempura moriawase (B240). The crispy vegetables and shrimp make for a filling snack. A highly recommended dish for those who prefer quality seafood is the Premium sashimi deluxe (B2,950). Otoro and Chutoro fish are generously used in this platter, as well as other types of crab, tuna and fish. The platter itself is huge and must easily weigh a few kilogrammes. With this dish, you have the freedom of not just picking the types of fish and seafood you like, but also the quantity you want in grammes. Another pick for seafood lovers and one that comes in a beautifully decorated bowl is the Oyster/nama kaki platter (B180 per piece). The unctuous taste of the oysters, combined with the oyster soy sauce seasoning, is best for those with an acquired taste as the raw flavours are strong and pair perfectly with the Ponsu sauce imported from Japan.

The restaurant’s commitment to fresh produce is spot on, particularly with their rolls, such as the Spicy salmon roll (B280). The salmon’s spicy sauce complements its flavour without overwhelming it. Again, unlike most Japanese restaurants, the serving does not disappoint, also making it a top pick amongst the Indian crowd. Another favourite and a definite must-try for meat lovers is the Ribeye matsusaka beef (B1,100 per 100 grams). This meat can be ordered as sliced or grilled, and is exceptionally soft and juicy. It is also accompanied by asparagus, onions, cherry tomatoes and a variety of side sauces as condiments. To top it all off, end on a sweet note with some Homemade green tea ice cream (B85). The flavour isn’t too strong and goes well with the light whipped cream.

A Japanese restaurant experience is incomplete without indulging in some delicious Sweet green tea with milk (B105). Cool off with this delicious ice cold drink — not too strong and not too sweet. If you prefer sticking to traditional favourites, opt for a tall glass of Lemon iced tea (B75) instead. All these and more can now be brought straight to your doorstep as the restaurant is also available on Food Panda.


Sukhumvit 53, Bangkok, 10110

Open daily on Mondays to Fridays from 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch and 4.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner; and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30am to 10.30pm

Tel: 02 662 5683 

Instagram: @nipponkaimarket 


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