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Through the Looking Glass

by Webmaster Masala

The Manchanda family home embodies retro-chic elegance, providing the perfect escape from bustling city life.

By Deboshree Banerjee

From the moment you step into Ladawan community on Ratchaphruek Road, you are immediately welcomed to a spectacular array of modern homes surrounded by lush greenery. Within this vicinity is the Manchanda home that sits on a 176-square metre landscape, surrounded by white concrete walls, manicured lawns and spacious gardens. This green suburbia has a Zen-like serenity that transports you away from city life.

Upon entering the two-storey residence, you can still see nature’s wonderland from glass walls, which flood the interiors with natural daylight. “My husband and I wanted a house surrounded by greenery”, says Anju Sethi Manchanda. “Our theme is bringing in the outdoors. It’s like living in a glass house.”

The modern architecture has a retro spin where old meets new. Walking through each area is almost like strolling through a small museum. The foyer is tastefully decorated with a wonderful collection of vintage pieces, while the living room is primitive and cosy, beautifully adorned with a large dark brown sofa and a matching contemporary coffee table. The neutral colour palette of the surrounding walls and floor add warm textures and character to the overall space.

On the same floor is the kitchen, professionally designed and well-equipped with utensils on hooks. From the stainless steel appliances to the spotless counters, the cooking area has a sleek finish. There is also an open kitchen that has an island, bar and coffee station with gray cabinets.

Adjacent is the exquisitely designed dining room with matching decor. The imported dining table is accessorised with polished cutlery and intricately folded red napkins, adding a fun pop of colour. Above is an iridescent crystal chandelier, hanging from a domed ceiling. This gives the interiors a splash of modern elegance and sophistication.

The highlight of the property, according to Anju, is the modern outdoor grill situated on the backyard deck of the house. This area has an outdoor kitchen and grill that is perfect for the barbecue parties that the homeowners enjoy putting together.

“As a family, we were house hunting for a place that would fulfil each of our needs. While mine was the outdoor grill, the kids wanted their own rooms,” Anju fondly says, as she takes us upstairs. “It has been three years since we moved in and we have never been happier.”

The corridor along the staircase is filled with lovely wall art. The most striking piece, however, is upstairs where a captivating Ganesha painting is hung near the traditional temple. The canvas was a housewarming gift to Anju by her uncle P.R. Dhawan, adding a layer of culture and intrigue to the overall decor.

As we admire the work of art, something else catches our attention, something one hardly ever finds in a home: a glorious antique curio cabinet. Flanked between the bedrooms on the second floor, this beauty houses the family’s fine collection of silver, metal and glassware imported from around the world.

We enter the master bedroom, filled with imported furniture from the American brand Bernhardt. Gold retro patterns in jacquard texture adorn the walls, while the rest of the space is decorated in dark brown and soft white tones, adding a cosy touch to the modern vintage theme that dominates the bedroom. In line with the natural elements incorporated in the overall design of the house, the room has splendid views of the outdoor garden. The master bathroom is a modern sanctuary with a Jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower room. The high ceiling lends a spacious touch, making this the ideal place for Anju and her husband Gulshan Kumar to relax after a hard day’s work.

Next door are the rest of the bedrooms, decorated with different themes, giving us a sneak peek into the kids’ contrasting personalities. The youngest of the three, Anuj’s room is comfy, simple and spacious, adorned in pastel beige and dark brown hues. Savir, the eldest son’s room, features two contrasting styles, vintage and modern, just like his parents’ bedroom. While the eldest of the three, Manisha’s room is most different. Decorated in floral patterns and soft pastel tones, her personal space exudes feminine elegance.

Happily settled in, Anju and Gulshan have always dreamed of a living in a green neighborhood. It seems that dreams really do come true, as the couple has successfully turned their residence into a true green sanctuary that also embodies their love for vintage and modern designs.

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