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Bling, Baaja, Baraat: Five Outdated Wedding Trends to Avoid

by Niranjana Mittal

Wedding Trends made easy: Dos and Don’ts for Your Big Day

By: Kripa Singh

Wedding trends are quick to evolve – just look at wedding photographs of your mother with a 1980s bouffant hairdo. Every few years, couples invest in big day details, ideas and outfits that don’t stand the test of time. But the trend cycle is natural and old ideas must diminish to make way for new ones. If you’re planning your big day and don’t want to end up doing something passé, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide to this season’s outdated wedding trends which need to retire, and exciting fresh ideas to replace them.

Over-the-Top Wedding Invitations

Outdated Trend: Elaborate wedding invitations with multiple inserts and excessive use of paper.

What’s In: Digital invites are becoming increasingly popular, offering a creative and sustainable alternative. They can be customised, easily shared, and updated without any waste. For those who still prefer paper, choosing recycled materials such as seed paper not only saves the environment, but also curbs your expenses.

Ivory Brides

Outdated Trend: A little while ago, the traditional red wedding day lehenga was challenged by the off-white one. But after many brides have adorned themselves in the latter, the ivory wedding look is starting to feel a bit predictable.

What’s In: Brides are now walking down the aisle in a spectrum of colours. From unusual pastel shades like mint green or lemon, to bright choices like fuchsia pink or deep purple, the sky’s the limit. The classic red lehenga is also making a reappearance as a perennial choice.

Generic Wedding Favours

Outdated Trend: Generic wedding favours like tote bags laden with 7/11 snacks often end up forgotten or discarded by guests.

What’s In: Personalised wedding favours give a much nicer touch. Think along the lines of local artisanal products, such as handcrafted soaps or local gourmet goodies with personalised packaging. These thoughtful gifts not only reflect the couple’s taste, but also offer guests something they can enjoy. 

Pampas Grass and Palm Leaves

Outdated Trend: Palm leaves and pampas grass had their moment, especially for destination weddings. However, it is time for these elements to retire and for you to think out of the box when it comes to tropical, beach-side decor.

What’s In: In place of pampas grass, you can incorporate baby’s breath for a whimsical and dense floral design. Add in some fresh floral stems to organically complement the event.

Staged Photography

Outdated Trend: While it’s important to get some formal couple shots, too many posed wedding photos can sometimes feel unnatural and fail to capture the true essence of the day.

What’s In: Candid photography and story-telling videography are the way to go. Couples are choosing photographers who can capture spontaneous moments, raw emotions, and sound-bites. This style of photography and cinematography tells amore authentic recount of the celebrations. If you want to get in some natural couple shots, plan a first-look with your partner. The solo moment before your wedding is not only a sweet thing to do, but also allows the photographers to capture some unfiltered emotions. It’s about capturing real memories rather than perfect poses.

Kripa Singh is a wedding decor designer and aesthete with a love for good books, dogs and a cup of tea.

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