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The Spicy Storytellers

by Venesa Daswani

Venesa Daswani and Niranjana Mittal bring you the best desi reads of 2024

Knife: Meditations after an attempted murder by Salman Rushdie

Knife: Meditations After an Attempted Murder by Salman Rushdie is a compelling memoir that dives deep into the author’s thoughts and emotions following the harrowing 2022 assassination attempt on his life. Blending his signature wit, keen insight, and resilience, Rushdie explores themes of survival, the power of storytelling, and the enduring fight for freedom of expression. This book is a testament to his indomitable spirit, offering readers a poignant and often surprising reflection on life, courage, and the sharp edges of fate.

Acts of God by Kanan Gill

World-renowned comedian Kanan Gill released his debut novel Acts of God early this year! In a post-nuclear world, scientist Dr. K resigns from his prestigious position known as “the smartest man in the world” and instead spends his time obsessively simulating universes. Only, he terminates the entire project when it does not deliver the desired outcome, causing the world to become utter chaos. It’s a blend of science fiction and humour, to the likes of Neil Gayman or Douglas Adams, with a desi twist from Gill that is sure to be enjoyed by all. Get your copy now on Amazon

Ed Finds a Home by Alia Bhatt

Ed Finds a Home is a heartwarming children’s book about a tale about a dog named Ed meeting a kind little girl named Alia. He sets out on an adventurous journey to find a place where he truly belongs. With charming illustrations and delightful characters, this enchanting story captures the magic of friendship and the importance of home.

Like Being Alive Twice by Dharini Bhaskar

Dharini Baskar has elevated the typical story of forbidden love, and taken it into a special and unique dystopian world. Like Being Alive Twice follows Hindu Priyamvada (Poppy) and Muslim Tariq on their tumultuous journey to finding love, and each other, as this unnamed world keeps constantly shifting around them. You’ll see what was, and you’ll get to find out “what if.” Grab it now on Amazon.

Desi Girl Speaking by A S Hussain

Desi Girl Speaking by A S Hussain is a powerful and compassionate novel on battling mental health. Young sixteen-year-old Tweety explores the challenges of depression, suicide, and self-harm constantly feeling misunderstood and isolating herself from her parents and friends, who don’t fully grasp the depth of her issues. The novel provides a poignant look at the importance of mental health awareness and the impact of finding a supportive community.

The Henna Start-Up by Andaleeb Wajid

The Henna Start-Up by Andaleeb Wajid is a contemporary romance novel. The story centres around a young woman who embarks on an entrepreneurial journey by starting a henna business. As she navigates the challenges of running her own business, she also deals with personal growth, relationships, and societal expectations. The book combines elements of romance, family dynamics, and cultural insights, making it an engaging read for those interested in stories of self-discovery and entrepreneurship.

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