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Sustainably Stylish: Sustainable Fashion Resolutions for 2024

by Aiden

Aparna Sharma gives us six resolutions to consider.

I Will Try a ‘No New Clothes’ Challenge in 2024:

Begin 2024 by taking a ‘no new clothes’ challenge for the first three months. Try to mix and match and wear what you already own and avoid impulse buying. If three months feels really overwhelming, try one month and if possible, continue for the next two months. I did a whole year of no new clothes in 2020 when I decided to commit myself to circular and sustainable fashion. Similar to a diet, it works like an amazing mental detox.

I Will Try Swapping Clothes in 2024 Instead of Always Buying New:

People constantly ask me how swapping works. Most people have fears and doubts about wearing someone else’s used clothes. After swapping the clothes, you can take it back home and wash it with Dettol and hot water. My daughters and I have been using swapped or thrifted clothes for more than three years, and we have not had any skin issues or other problems until now. A lot of Indians believe in karma and think the previous owners’ karma comes with their clothes. This same logic can be applied to buying new from brands which continue to use slave labour and destroy the environment. The karma of supporting fast fashion brands which don’t provide transparency or traceability also comes with those clothes.

I Will Try Thrifting More in 2024 and Avoid Constantly Buying New:

I wrote an article listing all the thrift stores in Bangkok. Please DM me or Masala Magazine in case you want the link for that article. There are many thrift stores across Bangkok now and you can find beautiful pre-loved clothes which are mildly used, and look as good as new. Thrifting is a sustainable way of bringing in clothes into your wardrobe and it is more economical than constantly buying something new.

I Will ‘Shop My Own Closet’ When I Feel the Impulse to Buy Something New:

Every time you feel like buying something new, try and clean your own cupboard and you will be surprised that you will find clothes items that you can mix and match, and wear more often. The impulse to buy something new is more out of boredom and habit than necessity. Once you identify that, you can save yourself money and have fun ‘shopping’ from your own wardrobe. The journey into building a sustainable wardrobe automatically becomes a healthy and mindful practice which can help your mental health too.

I Will Normalise Borrowing Clothes from Friends and Family:

This is a simple and easy way to avoid buying something new. If you feel uncomfortable borrowing, you can always ask them if you can rent it, or borrow it and give it back with a small return gift as a token of appreciation. This works out very well when the person you are borrowing from is not in the same friends or work circle as you. This is also a sustainable solution when you have a wedding to attend and there are many functions, as this will save you a lot of money.

I Will Become a Proud Outfit Repeater in 2024:

Alia Bhatt recently repeated her wedding sari for the national award ceremony, and we also saw celebrities like Nicole Kidman proudly repeating her Chanel outfit for the Met Gala this year. Social media has made people feel that they need new outfits constantly, but you can change that narrative by repeating more and using the hashtag #proudoutfitrepeater, while styling it or accessorising it differently. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Allow this month to prepare yourself to embrace 2024 with a more sustainable approach to your fashion choices. Remember that being stylish and being trendy are different – you can be eternally stylish and sustainable. Meanwhile, the only trend you need to follow in 2024 is embracing sustainability.

Aparna Sharma (Instagram: @stylishsuitcase) is a non-conformist who believes that fashion must become a force for good and style must meet sustainability. She breaks down the nuances of slow fashion and how we can stay stylish without being trendy.

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