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Support local communities through TIYAA’s Donation Drive 2021

by Ashima

The group are aiming for THB 1 million by November of this year.

By Ashima Sethi

As COVID numbers continue to surge, the light at the end of the tunnel still seems like a long way away. In these trying times, so many of us in the community are blessed to be able to weather lockdown with our families, with a roof over our heads, and food on the table, a reality that isn’t shared by so many locals across the country.

It has been reported that 1.5 million more Thais have dropped below the poverty line as a result of the economic fallout from the pandemic. This means that now, over 5 million Thais have a daily income of less than THB 165. With so much uncertainty on the horizon and the outbreak continuing to affect the Kingdom’s labour market, lending our support for the local communities from our position of privilege is imperative.

It is heart-warming to see new initiatives launched every day from within our community and from the associations representing the Indian community in Thailand. One more to add to the list comes from the organisers of the Thai Indian Youth Achievement Awards (TIYAA), who have set up a donation drive to support the inner city communities.

Vimol Kogar, TIYAA’s Founder, had this to say about the initiative: “TIYAA was set up to recognise the youth amongst our community. In light of the current situation with COVID and the repercussions it has on our community at large, TIYAA is working closely with our community to address this. We aim to help people who are in desperate need of food and other basic needs during these trying times. With your support we can all make a difference.

“At TIYAA, we are challenging ourselves to feed and support as many people as we possibly can within the inner city communities. Starting 2nd August 2021, we will strive to accomplish this goal. All your generous contributions are much needed and welcomed. This is completely a not for profit initiative and all funds will be put to helping the communities in the most efficient way possible.

“If you would like to support your community in these trying times and be a part of the solution we encourage you to spread the word or make donations to the following account:”

Name: Kohan Prida Narula
Bank: Kasikorn Bank Ac 037-8-23259-7

Some of the initiatives that will be covered by the donation drive include their food drive (supplying underprivileged communities with 100 meals a day), the distribution of dried food such as instant noodles, a milk distribution, education for students for 1-2 years, and care packages for helpers. The group have raised almost THB 200,000 so far thanks to the community’s support and hopes to continue well into the near future.

For more information, please contact 0814462062

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