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Start your day – and year – off right with our list of the best cold brews in the city

by Aiden

It’s a new year, new brew for you!

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

As any coffee aficionado will tell you (over and over again), the perfect cup of coffee is single-origin, unadulterated, and served either intense and hot, but not so much that it burns the beans; or in a refreshing cold brew, steeped in room temperature water for half a day or longer, to produce a full, rounded flavour without the faff of syrups and creams. If, like me, the frappe and whipped cream concoctions on everyone’s feeds just isn’t your cup of tea, but you’re still craving something cold in this weather, worry not! We’re here to spill the beans on the best cold brews in the city.

GALLERY DRIP COFFEE (pictured above)

As their name suggests, Gallery Drip Coffee is all about that drip, with a variety of locally-sourced beans from Thailand’s blooming coffee scene, as well as premium single-origin beans from around the world, that are roasted in-house to perfection. Doubling as a gallery for up-and-coming artists, you can enjoy your sophisticated coffee choice in equally sophisticated surroundings. Facebook: @GalleryDripCoffee


Centrally located in Siam DiscoveryBrave Roasters serves cold brew coffees that come in litre bottles for those of us who need to feed our caffeine addiction to the bitter end. Simmered and then filtered, their cold brews are often infused with interesting flavours such as lemongrass, or soda water to add some sparkle to your day. Facebook: @braveroasters


Located in Ekkamai, the café channels the relaxed vibe of Melbourne’s café culture, and is best known for their nitro cold brews that have been steeped for 18 hours. Minimalist and sun-drenched, the café is a charming brunch spot that also serves long blacks, flat whites, and even babyccinos for those looking for less intense options. Facebook: @kaizencoffeeco


Serving nitro cold brews that pack a punch, Nitro Labs’ signature blend is one to look out for, a blend of Thai Arabica and robusta coffee with acidic notes. Served in wine bottles, this is the perfect festive gift for all the wine and coffee lovers out there (like me), so last minute shoppers, take notes. Facebook: @nitrolabsbkk


Tucked into a converted old house in Ekkamai, this coffee roaster serves artisanal coffees and has long been considered a favourite of Bangkokian coffeeholics. With single-origin roasts from around the world as well as local offerings from Chiang Rai, their cold brew, ‘Black Magic,’ lives up to its name as it weaves its spell in a single sip. Facebook: @philcoffeecompany


Rocket Coffeebar’s charmingly-dubbed ‘Rocket fuel’ cold brew uses an automated brewing system, mineral water, and their signature espresso blend to create a delicious and intense concoction that will fuel you through the entire day. Their cafés, found throughout the city, also offer vegetarian-friendly options for those who want nibbles while they sip on their specialty coffees. Facebook: @RocketCoffeebar


Probably one of the most well-known coffee shops in the city, Roots Coffee offers single-origin and seasonal beans brewed using their claim to fame, a custom-made drip tower from Korea. Filtered for six hours, their cold brews have a range of flavours, including a sugarcane cold brew for those with an especially sweet tooth. Facebook: @rootscoffeeshop


Hidden away in Chinatown, Woodbrook not only serves cold brew coffees, but cold brew nitro teas as well. However, for those who want to stick to a nice cup of joe, their signature whole bean cold brew is packed with flavour, and is perfect with a pastry of choice in their intimate, hole-in-the-wall space.
Facebook: @woodbrookbkk


Indian-owned and founded, Kohi Roastery was set up by a trio of coffee lovers to highlight filter, single-origin coffees from in and around Thailand. With beans from Chiang Mai, Colombia, Ethiopia, and beyond, the café micro-roasts the beans in-house and they serve their ‘coffee concentrate’ in bottles so you can enjoy the brew at home. Facebook: @kohiroastery


With an award-winning and celebrated barista, Nana Coffee Roasters, nestled within Chinatown, is not to be missed. Their coffees are dark, cool, and come with cheeky references to historical figures – much like the three-storey space itself. Check out their musician series if you want a coffee with notes that will sing. Facebook: @nanacoffeeroasters

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