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Smartphone Apps that Cater to Every Bride and Groom To-Be

by Webmaster Masala

Discover the best wedding applications that will take away the stress from planning your fairytale wedding.

By Ravleen Madan Singh

Weddings are arguably the most beautiful and memorable moments of one’s life. While each bride and groom fusses over every miniscule detail to assure that the biggest days of their lives goes absolutely perfect, it can get extremely stressful. With so much attention and money being allocated to wedding planners, decorators, hotels, makeup artists, transportation and more, how does one keep track of the seemingly endless tasks required to keep weddings afloat? Well, here are some of the best applications that can be downloaded on your Android and Apple smartphones that will make these tasks easier and fuss-free.

1 The Announcement
Appy Couple

You are officially engaged! So it’s time to spread the news to all your family and friends. Appy Couple is the ideal, albeit a rather premium app, to share specific details about how you met, the proposal and photos of the two of you. The layout designs are probably the most modern and beautiful compared to any other available app, which means you must be prepared to pay that extra buck. Other added benefits include linking the app to your wedding website, managing guest lists for events, and using the app as a medium for guests to upload consolidated photos of the various events.

Cost: This one’s a little pricey – starts at US$39.


2 The Inspiration

Although there are many apps and websites that have sprung up with inspirational ideas on wedding planning and design — there are none as thorough and extensive as Pinterest. With over 100 million active monthly users, this app serves as the ultimate platform for brides and grooms to-be to research themes for décor, outfits, hair, makeup and even honeymoon destinations. You can ‘pin’ different images to specific boards, as well as save and share them for that creative stimulus you need. Prefer to keep these details a little private? You can even create secret boards viewable to only those you specify.

Cost: Free



3 Money Matters
Wedding Budget Calculator

As blessed as we are with parents who often take care of the bulk of our wedding expenses — this generation’s brides and grooms come more independent and more opinionated than ever. Some couples now prefer to spend less on lavish wedding parties and more on travel and mutual funds. Whatever it is you prefer, there is no doubt that your wedding will incur a wide range of costs, and Wedding Budget Calculator is an ideal app to keep track of them all. Hence, you can carefully allocate that precious budget on details essential to you. Additionally, comparing how much you set out to pay and how much you actually pay is always a sensible habit to pick up.

Cost: Free


4 The Tasks
Wedding Happy

Wedding Happy is largely a wedding-specific planner that organises and prioritises the numerous tasks required to execute your dream wedding. Easily customised, this app sets off alarms on specific dates to make sure you ‘alter the lehenga blouse’, ‘confirm the DJ’ or ‘set up a Facebook event’ — ensuring no detail goes forgotten. You can also enter your wedding date and see that clock count down, while prioritising all the necessary tasks and management of vendors.

Cost: Free


5 The Memories
Wed Pics

The biggest days of your lives definitely deserve all the attention and photos — and while you are running around meeting all your guests and watching spectacular dance performances from family and friends, how do you have the time to keep track of all the photos taken? Some are uploaded on Facebook, others on Instagram and the rest remain forgotten on your guests’ phones. Well don’t worry, Wed Pics serves as the ultimate app that consolidates all the photos that guests take from the wedding, as long as they hashtag. The following day, you are able to go through the app to save or delete whichever you prefer. The photos are also well organised into folders, such as mehendi, sangeet and phere and so on, and guests can easily be invited to share through email or Facebook. Send the link along with your e-invitation and you’re good to go.

Cost: Free

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