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Power couple Allisa ‘Alice’ Watthanaphokhinkul & Traithep ‘Prince’ Khanijou on how dressing comfortably is the key to unlocking your confidence

by Masalathai Admin

Find confidence in comfort.

By Shaan Bajaj

Newly-engaged Allisa ‘Alice’ Watthanaphokhinkul and Traithep ‘Prince’ Khanijou are busy forging professional careers through selling cosmetics and branded items with their online store, Dbrandnames. With the fashion industry at the core of their professional lives, I had a chance to sit and ask them how fashion influences their style, how it factors into their relationship, and if they could spare me some fashion tips.

Prince has been passionate about fashion since he was young: “fashion has always been in my blood,” he says. “I’ve been dressing up since I was 10. I love to try clothes before buying them, and if It suits me I will pick it up.” Alice adds that it’s a shared passion, and plays an important role within their professional lives. “We think a lot about fashion because of our work,” she chimes in. “What we sell represents us, and if we don’t use our own products, what’s the point of selling them? Who’s going to trust you if you’re not using your own products? So it really does play a big role in our life.”

An online store reselling branded items imported from the US, Dbrandname was established in March 2021, offering consumers items from established names like Michael Kors, Kate Spade or even Chanel. “Our variety includes items from watches, wallets to purses and sunglasses.” The couple work together and support each other to market luxury items and accessories for a Thai consumer base, usually working late into the evenings to create Instagram content and talk to interested buyers.

On top of their online reselling business, Alice founded Tifara in March 2018, which creates cosmetic solutions for people, like herself, who struggle with sensitive skin. “Tifara allows people to dress up and feel confident without worrying about allergic reactions,” Alice informs me, a vision that Prince is fully behind. “He actually now knows the difference between nude pink and pink, it was such a proud moment for me,” Alice says with a laugh. Alice started Tifara because she was inspired to help people feel confident in their own skin after using the products on herself. She realised she was able to enjoy makeup and wanted people who struggle with sensitive skin to feel the same joys she did.

“I actually couldn’t put on much make-up because I would scratch myself whenever I did. So I started learning about the process of making organic cosmetics, and that’s how I started Tifara. All our products are chemical free, long lasting, lightweight, and offer full coverage. They also contain moisturiser and Vitamin E, which are healthy for your skin.” The couple share the same ethos and passion when it comes to fashion and work, allowing them to support each other and work towards building a life that sustains them emotionally and financially.

Alice describes her style as “simple and comfortable” while for Prince, “nothing is fixed, just what I like.” However, both of them will dress for the occasion or based on where they’re going, and they enjoy coordinating outfits. Alice adds, “sometimes I steal his
clothes too,” and with a laugh Prince replies, “well, I personally would rather not steal her clothes.” Their favourite colour schemes are white, black, grey or blue, and although they enjoy coordinating clothes, they have not really influenced each other in their fashion choices. “Whatever she wears, if she feels confident, then that’s what’s most important
to me,” Prince tells me.

Alice developed her sense of style by prioritising comfort: “If you’re wearing a skirt but need to keep adjusting it, you’re not going to feel comfortable, therefore you won’t be confident in how you look.” Prince agrees and adds, “You have to be confident in what you are wearing and it should suit who you are. You can be wearing a luxury brand but it’s not going to look good on you if it doesn’t suit you. When working in branding you realise,
everything is actually ‘branded,’ it doesn’t have to be a luxury brand. Just be comfortable and confident.” To that end, the couple enjoys shopping from Instagram shops, Shein, night markets, H&M or Uniqlo, looking for items that are simple, affordable and of good quality.

Alice’s piece of fashion advice is to “wear something comfortable and feel confident
in what you wear.” Prince’s is to “just be yourself. You don’t have to follow what others
are wearing; you can follow trends but they don’t have to be fixed. I used to be like that, but it didn’t suit me. Don’t try and be like someone else; inspiration is fine but only if it suits who you are.” So there you have it – for anyone looking to become more confident, have a look into your wardrobe and ask yourself if your clothes represent the person you are.

It’s a Bollywood kind of affair

For all the big Indian weddings, Alice can be seen twirling in a custom made lehenga, while Prince looks sharp in a suit from State Tailors Bangkok.

Matchy Matchy

Alice is sporting a pair of shorts and a tank top from an online shop, a denim button down shirt from H&M that’s been ‘stolen’ from Prince, and Lacoste sneakers. Prince is in a matching denim button down from H&M; shorts from Uniqlo; Adidas sneakers; and both their accessories are from Dbrandname. An outfit that prioritises comfort without compromising style.

Dinner for two

The pair are all dressed up for some quality time. Alice dons a short white dress from Shein, while Prince looks dapper in a maroon button down shirt from MBK, and trousers from Uniqlo. Both their accessories are from Dbrandname

If you could wake up with a celebrity couple’s closet, which couple would it be? David Beckham and Victoria Beckham! They love being themselves and are always confident in what they wear

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