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by Webmaster Masala

Bangkok’s most exciting mock meats.

By Shruti Kothari

Whether you are a lifelong vegetarian, looking to help the environment, or trying to cut down on meat for ethical reasons, get excited, because Bangkok is about to take meat-free options up a notch. Masala Recommends five international brands which bring highly researched, nutritious, and delicious products to your next meal.

Beyond Meat

LA-based company Beyond Meat, which has high-profile investors like Bill Gates and the founders of Twitter, is now available at Villa Market, and restaurants across Bangkok.They use components like pea protein isolate, rice protein and expeller-pressed canola oil, alongside other natural flavours like extracts of apple, and beet juice for colour. Their burgers are by far their most popular product, though their sausages, chicken and beef are trending, too.


Vegans, rejoice, because Daiya, available at Villa Market, is the most popular non-dairy brand out there! Free from gluten, eggs, nuts, and soy, Daiya relies on innovative ingredients like cassava and arrowroot to create their healthy and ethical products. Their cheese replacements melt, stretch, look and taste just like the original. It covers all your cravings like cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss cheese, cream cheese, and even jalapeno havarti.


Created by an entire team of food scientists in Canada, OmniMeat uses components from peas, rice, mushrooms and non-GMO soy to make a complete protein. It contains 0mg cholesterol, is free from antibiotics, hormones and cruelty, and contains more calcium and iron than their real meat counterparts. Their minced pork analogue is stealing the hearts of vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers alike, and is available at Central Food Hall.

S.P.A Foods by Nutrition House

Although this brand is internationally available, it comes from our very own Thailand. Using soy as its base, these alternatives go well with Asian and Western meals alike. They contain no MSG or preservatives, and are low in carbs. Products include a stunning variety of sausages, bologna, mackerel, chicken, shrimp, duck and bacon. They are widely available at Tops, Tesco Lotus, MaxValu, Foodland, Emporium, and more.


Originally hailing from the UK, Quorn uses mycoprotein, a fermented product derived from the fungus fusarium venenatum, for their meatless meats. While they usually use egg albumen as a binding agent, vegan versions using potato starch are also available at supermarkets liken Villa Market. Their products include options like breaded fillet, sausage patties, hot and spicy burgers and garlic and mushroom escalopes.

Green Monday

This Hong Kong-based venture has come to Bangkok to encourage eateries to provide nutritious and ethical meat-substitutes from Daiya, OmniMeat and Beyond Meat alongside their regular offerings. Participating restaurants include:

  • You & Mee and The Dining Room at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
  • Mei Jiang at The Peninsula Bangkok
  • Voila! at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit
  • Coffee Beans by Dao
  • BBCO at JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok
  • Sizzler, Sunrise Tacos, Vistro and many more!

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