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Gorge on the good stuff with Mama Dollz Granola

by Ashima

We’re nuts for their granola, are you? 

By Shruti Kothari

Everyone knows that granola is great for your health. That is, until they read the labels! Most store-bought varieties are full of sugar and contain more oats than anything else. For Ludhiana-born, Bangkok-based mother of three Dolly ‘Mama Dollz’ Doowa, this was simply not good enough to feed her kids, and so she created her own. Filled with a range of nuts, berries, and all-natural goodness, rave reviews from loved ones near and far prompted her to share her nourishing recipe with the world.

Fuelled by this selfsame granola, daughter Devika graduated Whitman College with a degree in Economics, and worked in Seattle before moving back home to work at a global digital marketing agency. Son Niman studied at Ithaca College and attained a Business Administration degree with a focus on Marketing. He worked in New York for a year before returning to Bangkok, and with two of her children at home, Dolly Doowa joined forces with them to package, market, and sell her granola.

What did you do before Mama Dollz?

Devika: I was working for a Singaporean e-scooter startup (Neuron Mobility) as their Strategic Partnerships and Marketing Manager. However, they halted operations in December of 2019.

Niman: I was working and living in New York city for a tech company that collaborated with transportation firms to ensure safety and security.
Dolly: I’ve been working in our family businesses.

Aside from the sugar and oats, why was it so important to make your own granola?

Dolly: Nuts are great for health, and they only made up about 5 percent of the content of most granola bars. Moreover, it was usually just one kind of nut, and I think you need a variety. I wanted to feed my family something delicious, but also made with really healthy ingredients, so I focused on nuts, seeds and berries.

What kinds of granola do you sell?

We have our Original batch (made with honey as a sweetener), and our Vegan batch (made with organic coconut nectar syrup as a sweetener). The rest of the ingredients in the bag are all the same and they come in two sizes: 250 grams and 125 grams. Moreover, we believe strongly in working with our clients’ needs, so we customise granolas and will ship them internationally depending on dietary requirements and preferences.

What are some of the best things about your granola?

We are homemade; contain no sugar; packed with nuts, seeds, and berries; and freshly made on a bi-weekly basis. We’ve spent years perfecting this recipe, ensuring that each type of nut is baked for the perfect amount of time. We really focus on using the best ingredients. We have macadamias in our granolas, I have not found another granola brand that does that yet!

How is working together as a family?

It’s a lot of fun as we are all equally passionate about the product. Additionally, we’ve naturally fallen into the roles that best suit our areas of expertise, making it a seamless and fluid process.

What is the nutritional value of your granola? Why is it so popular?

Only a few months old, we are still working on the nutritional facts of the product per bag. However, the ingredients of the bag speak for themselves. With oats, almonds, cashews, macadamias, cranberries, goji berries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, black sesame, white sesame, olive oil, and organic coconut nectar/honey, Mama Dollz Granola is popular for its variety of healthy, nutritious and delicious ingredients.

Where can we buy your granola?

Currently, we sell online through Facebook, LINE, and Instagram @mamadollzgranola and we’ve been at fairs such as the Mind Body Spirit Fair, Plant People, the Creators Fair, etc.

Where do you see Mama Dollz going in the future? Any plans you’d like to share?

We are currently available at Barefood Bangkok and we are planning to have our products placed at other cafés and restaurants – then slowly working our way to the mass market.

For more information, visit their Facebook, LINE, or Instagram: @mamadollzgranola





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