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Nita Gulati keeps things stylish as a dedicated mum, dancer, and everything in between

by Aiden

She’s a ‘passionista’ by profession.

By Nafisa Singhsachathet

Known for her infectiously positive energy and bubbly personality, Nita Gulati is also a woman of many talents. As a mum of three boys and a husky, Nita is constantly hustling, whether it’s choreographing dances for performances, teaching and working with schools to organise extracurricular activities and drama productions, or hosting Bollywood Burn classes and HIIT one-on-one training. She does all this while also co-owning The Purple Phoenix with her eldest son, a company preparing to launch a new venture soon.

Right now, Nita’s main focus is working on Panache, a haute couture clothing brand she co-owns with her sister Jasmine. Currently, the brand is available to browse online, they’re doing pop ups across the city, and the duo can act as personal stylists if need be! When asked why Nita decided to launch this business, she revealed that, “A lot of people used to ask me where I bought my clothes, so that was where the idea came from. During lockdown, I genuinely thought to myself, ‘okay well weddings aren’t happening, so why not use my time wisely and actually turn this idea into something tangible.’”

As an established fashionista, Nita describes her style as, “Extravagant and flashy, so I minimise my accessories. My character is larger than life and subtlety bores me, so that’s why I’m attracted to extravagance.” Although a fan of fashion, Nita prioritises investing in experiences rather than just the things she owns, “I am a five lipsticks, one moisturiser, four bags, and two pairs of sunglasses kind of girl. I believe in detox over Botox, and superfoods over supplements! I love adventure and can’t get through a week without 50 Surya Namaskars, and my Bollywood Burn classes keep me kicking.”

Although a lot of thought goes into every ensemble, Nita explains that dressing up comes naturally, “Over the years, I’ve mastered the art of doing things extremely quickly! It happens when you’ve got a lot to do. Now, I’m someone that’s very quick in dressing up and styling myself, so it’s never an effort, it comes naturally.” So how does she land the correct outfit every time? A pro tip from Nita is: “Always follow your heart. When you try to be someone else, you’re bound to screw up because you’re not doing what is true to you.”

Glitz and Glamour
For an exciting night on the town, Nita dons an elegant black look from Panache. She pairs the outfit with Footwork stilettos and a Lady Dior purse.

Has your style evolved over the years?

“Definitely. During my 20s to 30s, my fashion sense was faux pas – absolute nonsense! I was too busy being a mother, wife, and working extremely hard that I just wore anything. A pivotal moment in my life was around nine years ago when I turned 40 and I just went all in. I realised that beautiful things catch my eye, and I like strong characters, I like style, and I like panache – hence my brandThe fact that many international brands are available in Thailand, also means that it’s so easy to change my style and grow in terms of fashion.”

Nita keeps things vibrant with her outfit from Panache. She elevates the ensemble with Aldo shoes and a classic YSL clutch.

What are your favourite brands?

“One of the biggest challenges I face when I shop is definitely sizing. I am incredibly petite, so I typically style myself using items from my brand Panache as well as Bershka. I also love Zara’s aesthetic and how they style their pieces and put outfits together. However, the sizes are usually too big for me, so I always have to alter what I purchase!” Nita also explains that her sisters all have great taste in fashion and are constantly influencing and inspiring each other with their outfit choices. “We help each other grow in every aspect of life and fashion is a big part of that.”

For a fabulous brunch or snazzy Saturday night soiree, Nita wears a bold red outfit from Panache paired with strappy Zara heels and a Bottega Veneta bag.

Where do you draw style inspiration from?

“I absolutely adore Madonna and JLo because I like the fact that they have an oomph factor and are dancers like me. They make the clothes, the clothes don’t make them.”

Fit and Fabulous
For a day out with her husky, Nita wears funky gym attire from Annebra with statement Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers.

Nita’s Essentials:
Journal and a Swarovski pen – “I always start my day with a little bit of journaling!”
Stilettos – “I can’t live without these.”
Pure Musc by Narciso Rodriguez – “My forever favourite perfume.”
My Olaplex hair care products – “A lifesaver!”
5 Kindle – “The joy of my life.”
Of course you’ll rarely see me without a pair of dumbells!

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