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News snippets from within the Thai-Indian community

by Shradha Aswani
Indian Community In Thailand

All that is new from the Indian community in Thailand.

By Shradha Aswani

Farnam Tree is Set to Facilitate Global Trading for People in Thailand (pictured above)

Farnam Tree, an independent investment and wealth management company, now has the licences to run an investment service for global investment from within Thailand. High-net-worth individuals and businesses can now make long-term investments in public markets with better incentives, since compensations to Farnam Tree are linked to portfolio performance.

Atul Sethi, the CEO of Farnam Tree, urges investors to look at the current state of the market with fresh eyes, and see it as an opportunity. While emphasising the need to view equities as ownership stakes, he explains that down times like the present need to be dealt with objectively.

Beginning 1st October, Thai Vietjet will Operate Nonstop Flights between Ahmedabad and Bangkok

Thai VietJet Air, a budget airline in Thailand and a partner of VietJet Air in Vietnam, will start operating three-weekly nonstop flights between Bangkok and Ahmedabad on 1st October this year. The airline has announced this journey at special offer fares with a travel time of under four hours. This added competition is welcome news for both countries, as it will give visitors to India and Bangkok another reasonable flight option.
Jay L. Lingeswara, the director of commercial operations at Vietjet, mentioned that widening the airline’s routes to India is an invitation to tourists from the subcontinent to enjoy Vietnam as a destination and use it as a passage to other parts of East, South and North Asia. Thai VietJet also runs flights from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, Singapore, and Fukuoka.

OR-powered ORZON Ventures backs Hungry Hub

Hungry Hub, Thailand’s top network for restaurant and hotel reservations, has received its Series A round of funding from ORZON Ventures, a venture capital company powered by OR.

OR develops the early growth-stage fund for ORZON Ventures, so that they can invest in new ventures in the mobility and lifestyle sector. A platform that lets users know the net price for meals before they enter a food joint, Hungry Hub promotes long-term revenue growth for restaurants.

Surasit Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Hungry Hub, highlights that the platform focuses on transforming the hotel and restaurant industry. This caters to OR’s vision of being an essential plug in the lifestyle segment, working as a win-win for consumers of both companies.

Bangkok’s very own Singer-Songwriter Kash Band Features in the New Season of Ms Marvel

Versatility is the superpower of today’s generation, and this has been proven yet again. Kashan ‘Kash’ Rana, a singer-songwriter you may have heard of in local community events and parties, and whom Masala has previously covered in an exclusive feature, has now made it to the big screen by starring in an episode of Ms Marvel, a ground-breaking Marvel TV series, now out on Disney Plus.

The show by itself is ahead of its time, featuring a Pakistani-American super-hero in popular culture, and having community members like Kash line its cast is a matter of celebration for all of us. Kudos!

CPS Coffee opens a Photogenic Treat for Café Lovers

Tucked into Sukhumvit 53, about 700 meters from the Thong Lo BTS station, CPS has opened its new flagship outlet. The brand outdoes itself with a stunning stairway that leads coffee lovers into the space, cosy interiors that fill you with warmth, and signature CPS coffees blended to perfection. Whether you are looking to fill in your Instagram feed with artistic portraits or seeking a not-so-loud corner to chat with a friend, this café has it all laid out, making it perfect for a visit throughout the day.

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