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Masala recommends refreshing, healthy beverages available for delivery

by Ashima

With temperatures soaring, here’s what you need to quench your thirst!

By Ashima Sethi

Whether you’re treating your body to a booze break this lockdown, looking to spice up your drink game at the office, or are interested in detoxing your digestive system with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, we’ve put together a list of healthy yet invigorating drinks you can order for delivery!

DRINK PUSHERS (Instagram: @drinkpushers)

Specialising in boutique beverages you can buy in cute, chubby cans, Drink Pushers currently offer coffee, teas, and sparkling refreshments (pictured above). For brew lovers, opt for the Nitro white (THB 120) or Nitro black (THB 120) coffees. The former is blended with organic grass-fed whole milk and has no added sugar, while the latter is their signature smooth black brew with no additives.

For a drink packed with probiotics, try their Jun (THB 95). Similar to kombucha but slightly more like cider, it’s made from organic local green tea and honey and is chock full of B vitamins and live enzymes that support gut health. Finally, for fans of something sweeter, the Peach sparkling tea (THB 70) is crafted from Chinese oolong tea that is then blended with peach and organic cane sugar and then it’s carbonated and canned for a refreshing low-cal bev perfect for a hot day!

DR. PHIL (Instagram: @drphilbkk)

Founded by the team behind cocktail bar Philtration, Dr. Phil is the brand to check out if you’re into refreshing tea elixirs. Sold in Instagrammable glass bottles, each cold-brew is packed with benefits and medicinal herbs.

Currently, Dr. Phil offers three different brews all priced at THB 100 per bottle: Oolong till better, a summery drink made from oolong tea, ginseng, and utai mohmee, it boasts immunity boosting properties; the Rice to meet you brewed from rice tea, butterfly pea, pandan, and bael that can help balance blood sugar and remove toxins (the perfect pick-me-up after a long night); and the energy boosting Not so green tea made from green tea, basil, lemon, and roselle.

JAMULOGY (Instagram: @drinkjamulogy)

As Indians, we’re all familiar with the incredible health benefits of turmeric. A brand that has embraced this wonderful plant is Jamulogy who produce premium quality turmeric and ginger jamu tonic, an all-natural, anti-inflammatory juice from Indonesia.

The brand currently offers three blends, each with their own health advantages. The Turmeric, ginger, and tamarind reduces cholesterol, cleanses your gut, and promotes muscle recovery. The Turmeric, ginger, and passionfruit tonic is packed with immunity boosting properties and is a natural laxative, which can help with gut health. Lastly, the Turmeric, spicy ginger, and apple cider option is a restorative brew that can aid with hormonal balance, digestive health, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

JUICY (Instagram: @tropiccitybkk)

Tropic City, one of the city’s most celebrated cocktail bars, have launched JUICY to cope with the closures brought on by the pandemic. Specialising in hand pressed, made-to-order juices, each of their beverages have no added sugars or boosters, just the stuff that’s good for you!

Available in two different sizes, 300ml to-go bottles (starting at THB 70) and one-litre to share bottles (starting at THB 195), delivery is available Monday, Thursday and Saturday and is free for homes within China Town, Asoke, Sathorn and Ari. Juice flavours include fresh orange juice, pineapple juice, watermelon juice, granny smith apple juice, as well as juice blends such as carrot, orange and turmeric juice, and pineapple, apple and ginger juice. A day notice is required for all orders.

BANGKOK BOOCH (Instagram: @bangkokbooch)

Another great option if you’re looking to foster gut health is Bangkok Booch. Creators of premium craft kombucha (and kombucha sorbet), their bottled blends are packed with loads of probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidant properties.

Offering tempting flavours inspired by local ingredients, their current stock includes You give me butterflies, a caffeine-free mixture made from butterfly pea and cane sugar; their bestselling Fineapple crafted from pineapple and lemongrass; Spicy mango that’s infused with seasonal mangoes and dried chillies; the sweet and sour Mull it over that features homegrown organic mulberries; the caffeine-free Flower power that puts the hibiscus flower centre stage; Kombucha khing that’s loaded with ginger to help combat stress; and the original Par-tea that’s a traditional black tea kombucha with no added flavouring.

Bottles are priced at THB 120 per bottle and THB 650 for six bottles. Return your bottle for THB 10 off your next purchase!

LIFESTYLE JUICERY (Instagram: @lifestylejuicery)

Recognised as a crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle, raw juicing is packed with antioxidants that can help neutralise free radicals in your body. Enter Lifestyle Juicery, an online delivery company that sells a range of blends including super juice boosters and 100 percent raw nut milks.

Examples of their blends include Seize the day, a mix of pineapple, orange, apple, carrot, parsley and celery; the Red rascal made from beetroot, apple, ginger, and lemon; the Hummingbird, a refreshing concoction of pineapple, apple, and mint; and Choconut that combines cacao with almond, cashew, wild honey, and cinnamon (all priced at THB 130 per bottle).

If you really want to commit to detoxing your body, the platform offers cleanse programmes and monthly subscription services ranging from THB 2,800 to 20,900 per month depending on the number of bottles and delivery days.

BT FERMENTS (Instagram: @btferments)

Also known as Bunny Turtle Ferments, the brand is one of the city’s leading fermenters of handcrafted, unfiltered probiotic drinks that contain healthy microbes, vitamins, and metabolic by-products that promote gut health.

Their products range from kombucha, to jun tea, milk kefir, and water kefir, each made using organic ingredients. One example is the vegan Water kefir soda that contains 30+ strains of probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins (available in strawberry and ginger). Similarly, the Milk kefir is a non-vegan alternative containing over 40 strains of the aforementioned benefits.

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