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London’s newly-remodelled Southall train station features signs in Punjabi

by Ashima

The change is a tribute to the large Punjabi community living in the area.

By Ashima Sethi

Ahead of the arrival of the new Elizabeth train line next year, London’s Southall station was given a total makeover.

In addition to being a brighter and more spacious station overall, the new stop boasts a new ticket hall built from steel and glass and new lifts for passengers, providing step-free access to the four platforms on the station. One of the most exciting additions however, are new bilingual signs in English and Punjabi in order to cater to the large Punjabi community who live in the area.

Speaking to Rail Technology Magazine, a representative from the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall (SGSS), Karamjit Singh was quoted as saying: “we as a community are looking forward to using the new upgraded and modern station. It will benefit many who already live around the area and others in having accessibility to platforms, especially for our elderly. The heart of Southall is its people, and we are pleased to see our Punjabi language as a signature focal point.”

Speaking to The Evening Standard, Rail Minister Chris Heaton-Harris said: “I’m pleased to see transformational upgrades completed at Southall station which improve accessibility and deliver better, more modern facilities for passengers. This will benefit the local community immediately and readies the station for when the Elizabeth line opens next year.”

The Elizabeth line is expected to start running in May of next year and will be a cross-country service stretching more than 60 miles between Reading, Heathrow, Shenfiled and Abbey Wood. It is expected to serve over 200 million people annually, stopping at 41 stations in total, 10 of which are new and 31 that will see new upgrades.

Featured image from Rail Technology Magazine

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