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KIS student launches poetry anthology, ‘The Vulture Flies at Midnight’

by Natasha

All proceeds were donated to charity.

Prateek Potdar, a Grade 12 student at KIS International School and aspiring poet and author, recently launched his inaugural poetry anthology, The Vulture Flies at Midnight. A keen writer and avid reader, Prateek had been the winner of Masala’s first ever writing competition in 2019, and was a frequent feature in Masala’s ‘Voices’ section.

Passionate about writing, Prateek put his prolific pen to good use and collated all his poetry into the recently-published volume, whose proceeds he is donating to the Siam Care Foundation, specifically for the education of three underprivileged children. The anthology was sponsored by Mr. Noppol Chuklin, the Director of Retail Business Solutions, Co., Ltd. (RBS Group), and spans a range of topics, from introspective think pieces as in the poem, Self Portrait, to an exploration of darker themes through the lens of current and past world affairs, as seen in the poem, Virus. The book launch was held at the Christmas Market of KIS International School and saw an enthusiastic response from fellow students and members of the community alike.

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