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Jhol unveils five new signature cocktails

by Masalathai Admin

A toast to the mischievous.

By Shaan Bajaj

I am incredibly selective when it comes to Indian food, thanks to my annual visits to India, and the finger-licking, homemade Indian dishes care of my mum or didis. When asked where to go for authentic Indian food, I usually don’t have an answer because home or India is where I go. However, after visiting Jhol for the first time, I think I may have found a place that brings together the flavours of home and India with innovative twists. While you savour each bite, Jhol has also managed to perfect the art of an Indian cocktail to pair perfectly with your meal.

Indeed, for our visit, their new signature cocktails stole the show. We started with Jhol’s version of the classic porn star martini, The Indian Porn Star (THB 350), a heavenly mix of vanilla vodka, amaretto, passion fruit, yuzu foam and cardamom candy floss. Definitely a tipple for those with a sweet tooth. The second addition to their menu is an intriguing cocktail made with Amrut single malt whiskey. Matcha, where are you da (THB 400) also features butterscotch, honey ginger cordial, chocolate peanut and 24K gold. The chocolate peanut cuts through the bitterness of the whiskey, complimenting it perfectly. This cocktail was definitely a personal favourite and one I would recommend trying.  

Paying homage to their Indian roots are two new signature cocktails featuring the Indian-born Stranger and Sons gin. For those who are unfamiliar with the flavours of their gin, it is slightly sweet but like all things Indian, perfectly spiced, and infused with Indian botanicals. Their Three eyes in the dusk (THB 380) is a sublime mixture of gin, sauvignon blanc, guava cordial, vermouth and plum dust. It is a refreshing beverage while the plum dust adds texture. Although I did not sample Stranger things (THB 380), the blend of gin, black pepper and chocolate bitters sound promising.

The last new cocktail, The shaman (THB 350), is one I will be using as an excuse to visit again. Crafted with rum from the Isaan region and served in a smoked cup, the cocktail also features a coconut liqueur, falernum and orange marmalade. I was warned of the strength of this cocktail, so if you decide to order this, drink in sips!

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