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I Got It From My Mummy

by Webmaster Masala

Meet five daughters who provide insights into their most precious relationships

I would like to tribute this article to all mothers out there who have not only taught us to be strong, smart, kind and resilient, but also demonstrated these admirable qualities themselves. Motherly advice is the truest form of love, and the best part is that they are personalised to help their favourite person in the world — you!  

So for this exclusive feature, Amornrat Sidhu highlights valuable lessons that have had cherished impacts on relationships where our eyesight is most influenced and our hearts are most biased. And what other bond could this possibly be than one that is between a mother and daughter. 

Sukhmani Euananruk: 25-year-old Assistant Manager in the Department of Jewellery Production at Purity Jewelry 

A Mother’s Lesson

I have been raised by a single mother and I have seen how hard she works at the office, completes all household chores and takes care of my grandparents — all on her own. One of the most important pieces of advice my superwoman has given me is to know the value of money.

The Moment that Changed Me

When I was in year three, I used to spend more money than I had by borrowing from my friends. This habit continued for some time until my mother got to know of it. She got angry at me, and told me, “If you have B10 in your hand today, use only B6 to B7 and save the rest for tomorrow.” She explained that it was not necessary to get everything I wanted today. Whether I was rich or poor, I needed to learn how to save money, and so from that day onwards, I started spending less. Now that I am earning, I realised how difficult it is to earn even a single baht just for living expenses. 

I Got It from My Mama…

I don’t really feel like we have similar habits, but when people see my face, they always comment that I am Dolly’s daughter!

Rachna Singhsachakul: 34-year-old housewife

A Mother’s Lesson

My mother taught me that you can always find a solution to every problem without losing your temper or even raising your voice. She was the queen of calm, and she not only handled my stubbornness exceptionally, but she somehow convinced me to see it from her point of view, every single time. I have no memory of her screaming at me for any of my shenanigans and perhaps that is why we are still best friends today. 

The Moment that Changed Me

Once I came home way past my curfew and the battery on my phone had died. I was terrified of getting into trouble, but to my surprise, my mother was waiting for me calmly once I reached home. She just got up and hugged me, and said, “Alright, now that you are home, we can go to sleep.” I was in shock! 

The next morning, she kindly explained to me that she was worried, and if I was going to be late, I should find a way to give her a call. That is how the entire situation peacefully ended. Since then, I always made sure to call her whenever I was running late. 

I Got It from My Mama…

I inherited her style sense. She is my favourite shopping buddy!

Rajnee Narula: 33-year-old new mother 

A Mother’s Lesson

‘Respect others’ was simple advice that was deeply instilled in me at a very early age. Respect is something you unknowingly give and earn, and is a key ingredient to a strong foundation in any relationship. 

The Moment that Changed Me

When I was working for a multinational corporation that decided to shut down its unit in Thailand, I was assigned to assist in the termination project. While most staff left on the last day of official operations, I stayed on to tie up loose ends. I happened to work with several senior and junior staff, but towards the end, the only staff members left onsite were housekeepers, the security guard and myself. 

Three months passed by in a flash. When I look back, I fondly remember how the housekeeping staff, who had nothing to do with office paperwork, became my good friends. We lunched together on most days, and when I had to stay on late, they actually stayed behind with me. 

This only happened because my mother taught me to never let hierarchy come between relationships — we were just normal colleagues who lunched together and cared for one another. Five years later, I am still friends with them. If you respect others without discriminating against their position or salary, you will come to see that respect is truly a reciprocal act. You only get it if you first offer. 

I Got It from My Mama…

We share a preference for no make-up!

Sonia Narula: 30-year-old Online Marketing Manager at Shopee

A Mother’s Lesson

My mother never supported the ‘easy way out’. Her guidance has equipped me with all the tools I needed to not take shortcuts in life. She constantly pushes me to do more, make something of my life and take pride in my accomplishments, which is why I now lead the online marketing team at Shopee.  

The Moment that Changed Me

After joining the corporate world, I wanted to call it quits many times. I knew it was easier to join my father in running the family business. However, I pushed myself to climb the corporate ladder on my own. Six months into my first job at ZALORA, I was managing a team of five which quickly grew to 10 within a year. I was working for a completely new world — the world of online marketing, where my team was younger than me and I was constantly pressured by my boss to perform well. However, looking back, I am so glad I did not give up. 

I Got It from My Mama

I am a perfectionist — something I definitely inherited from my mama.

Priya Singhkumarwong: 26-year-old employee at Amadeus Asia

A Mother’s Lesson

My mother always told me that nothing in life comes easy or free. She made sure I understood this fact while pursuing my dreams. In hard times, she would remind me that all my efforts would be worth it in the end. 

The Moment that Changed Me

This advice really helped me when I was applying for my dream job. I got rejected not once but several times, which was disheartening and disappointing. Because of her words, I kept trying over and over again until I finally got in. For that, I am forever thankful to my mother.  

I Got It from My Mama…

My love for using different home remedies for my skin is definitely from her!

The Take Away 

Certain phrases stick with us and change our world in key moments, sometimes driving our behaviours. These five women were candid about pieces of advice that impacted them most, making us realise that our mother’s guidance are lessons we sometimes don’t think about or deconstruct often enough.  

What must be mentioned is that when the women were interviewed, they all essentially wrote a love letter to their mothers — claiming that their mother is their conscience, their biggest cheerleader and most patient teacher.  Only in-between this love letter came the advice and personal stories. And so to mothers everywhere: Even when we grow up, we would not know what to do without you!

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