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A comprehensive guide to women’s clinics

by Ashima

Bangkok-based centres dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of women of all ages. 

By Ashima Sethi


Bangkok Hospital is one of Thailand’s most revered healthcare providers due to their network of over 60 specialised clinics. One of their clinics, the Women’s Health Center, was created to provide obstetrics and gynaecological care (OB/GYN) to women in a comfortable setting.

In addition to a team of physicians, nurses, and technicians, trained in the most cutting-edge methods, the centre is equipped with specialised laboratory scans and analyses, and other advanced technologies to aid with everything from diagnosis of cancerous and non-cancerous tumours, prevention of diseases such as cervical cancer and osteoporosis, management of menopause and post-menopause symptoms, family planning, and much more.

There are an array of packages for general health screenings, consultancy, obstetric services, and treatment of diseases. Examples include the Pelvic examination package (starting at THB 5,700) to find underlying issues for severe menstrual cramps; the Pre-marital health check-up (starting at THB 6,100 for the bride), encompassing essential health assessments to safe-guard your future family, and the Feminine package (starting at THB 10,100) inclusive of Papsmear, mammogram, and ultrasound.  For more information: call 02 310 3005 or visit


The Women’s Center at Bumrungrad International Hospital aims to serve the needs of women throughout the different stages in their lives by providing preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services for a range of conditions. In addition to 16 fully-equipped examination rooms, the centre boasts top-of-the-line equipment and trained specialists in the field of OB/GYN.

Examples of procedures the hospital offers include cervical cancer screening (starting at THB 3,400) that also screens for HPV; 4D ultrasound examinations that can detect potential diseases affecting the cervix, vulva, and more; and screenings for the five common cancers. The hospital also has a dedicated Breast Care Clinic that can assist women in the treatment of tumours, and breast pain, and breast cancer detection using digital mammograms and ultrasounds.

Moreover, the hospital has a team who can offer consultations for pregnant women and women looking to get pregnant. Services encompass everything from pre-conception to antenatal care; child delivery and childbirth packages; and post-delivery assistance. In cases of high-risk pregnancies, patients will be moved to the Perinatal Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to ensure comprehensive care is given.  For more information: call 063 189 3406 or visit


Another hospital specialising in healthcare services for women is Sukumvit Hospital. The Obstetric Gynaecology Center offers a wide-array of treatments, screenings, and consultations for a range of different conditions and illnesses.

For women looking to get pregnant and pregnant women, the hospital has advanced technology and a team of physicians who can provide the care necessary at all steps, from pre-pregnancy to post-delivery. Help can also be given for those coping with infertility or other complications.

If you’re seeking annual health check-ups, Sukumvit Hospital offers packages for cervical cancer screenings, infectious disease screenings, diagnosis of cancerous and non-cancerous tumours in the ovary, uterus, and other facets of the reproductive system, surgical procedures using a laparoscopy, diagnosis of urine incontinence, treatment of menopause, and treating abnormal menstruation, among many other processes. For more information: call 02 391 0011 ext. 356, 357 or visit


One of the primary killers among women is heart disease, which makes it imperative to understand the symptoms and take the necessary precautions if you are high-risk. A leading hospital for treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases is Theptarin Hospital. Boasting the I-Cath Cardio Metabolic Center, the clinic is run by a team of specialists who are well-versed in the diagnosis, treatment, and after-care associated with these conditions.

In addition, the hospital has also curated packages related to women’s health. Examples include the Cervical cancer screening (starting at THB 1,700); HPV vaccine; Pre-martial check-ups for bride and groom inclusive of sexual health screening, thalassemia detection, and complete blood count; Mammogram with ultrasound to detect breast cancer (starting at THB 2,200); and childbirth packages spanning natural birth and caesarean.  For more information: call 02 348 7000 or visit


With branches across Bangkok in Phaholyothin, Samut Prakan, Chokchai, Rangsit, Kaset, and Phrapradaeng, Paolo Hospital is another leading healthcare provider. Their Women’s Healthcare Center offers services spanning obstetric and gynaecologic examinations, diagnosis, and treatment that are performed by a team of talented doctors. 

Examples include screenings for cervical cancer and breast cancer, which are leading causes of death in Thai women. Doctors can also offer proper consultation and diagnosis of a range of diseases can occur in the female pelvis related to the uterus, ovaries, ovarian duct, cervix, or others, including cysts and other complications.

Additionally, in the past getting gynaecological surgery was considered a major process but due to advanced technology available, getting treatment for disorders related to the uterus, cervix, and ovaries as well as tumours, has become much less-invasive in the form of gynaecologic endoscope technology, all of which are available at their centre.  For more information: call 02 271 7000 or visit


Located in central Bangkok, Takara IVF offers the most innovative assisted reproductive technology available. The clinic’s fertility experts, having trained at leading clinics in Japan, continue to perform thorough research and development in-house, and can curate exclusive treatments that are personalised to suit every individual and their needs.

At Takara IVF, attention for detail takes centre stage as they boast a complete range of assisted reproductive technology treatments, from consultation and counselling to the IUI, IVF, and ICSI processes, and other technologies spanning assisted hatching, stimulation of endometrium embryo transfer (SEET), two-stage embryo transfer technique, and cryopreservation.

The sheer range of treatments available is testament to their commitment to comprehensive care in the realm of family planning. This, combined with their state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment, ensures top-notch care every step of the way. For more information: call 02 339 3878 or visit 


BPK 9 International Hospital have launched a brand-new Women’s Center as of this year. The clinic is backed by a trained medical team of multidisciplinary specialists in the fields of obstetrics and gynaecology.

The newly-revamped centre offers a range of women-centric screenings and treatments including general health check-ups, surgical procedures (including procedures using laparoscopic surgery),family planning services, consultations related to prenatal care, pregnancy and childbirth, and post-natal care.

Additional offerings include various screenings for complications related to the ovaries, cervix, and other facets related to the female pelvis. The clinic also offers preventative measures against sexually transmitted diseases and infections and vaccine packages. For more information: call 02 109 9111 or visit

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