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Give It A Zest

by Webmaster Masala

Inspired dishes and old-school, gastronomic philosophies come together at ZeZe.

By Tom McLean

If you’re in the mood for refreshing flavours from a diverse choice of moreish Israeli and Mediterranean dishes, ZeZe, located on 45 Chakrabongse Road (near bustling party destination Khao San Road) is the perfect choice for an enchanting evening or lavish lunch.

With informal seating, comfortable leather-bound stools and a variety of table sizes, this dining spot employs a stress-free aesthetic and is fit to accommodate large groups of friends, or spontaneous meals out alone. ZeZe exhibits a fun ethos towards dining, championing friendliness and sociability through their sharing plates and highly relaxed, open atmosphere. Adhering to an affable philosophy that channels an old-school attitude towards dining, the team at Zeze aim to entertain you from the moment you step inside.

Food and Drink

The Mix Mezze (free with entrée, otherwise THB 200) serves as the perfect, vegetarian-friendly introduction to the medley of Israeli and Mediterranean flavours that ZeZe delivers. Featuring a stunning array of salads and freshly made flatbreads, the combination of crisp textures and vibrant ingredients make for a mouthwatering spectacle. Next, we tried the Hamshuka Hummus and Shakshuka (THB 220), which featured a creamy plate of hummus, paired with a delectable bowl of stewed tomato and silky poached eggs. My favourite, however, was The ZeZe Falafel! (THB 130), a sublime starter of delectably crisp morsels with wonderfully fluffy and savoury centres, perfectly complemented by a tangy tahini.

To satisfy your more carnivorous side, the appetizing Chicken Thigh (THB 300/ THB 400) skewers are a lip-smacking choice, with flavoursome and juicy pieces of chicken cooked to perfection. Similarly, the Home Kebab (THB 360/ THB 520) is a wonderfully meaty main of handmade lamb kebabs, expertly seasoned with a variety of zesty herbs and spices.

Both come with French fries and a chopped salad for a balanced experience. For a truly opulent main, choose the Homemade Couscous with Lamb (THB 370). The dish features slow cooked lamb, falling off the bone, and tender vegetables, while the couscous serves as the ideal side dish; handmade and doughy, it perfectly supplements the warm, comforting flavours of the meat. The dish also comes with a serving of thick vegetable broth, so you can choose how moist or dry you prefer your couscous. Each one of the dishes we sampled provided for a culinary experience that nourished the soul.

For vegetarians, the ZeZe Salad (THB 220) is a perfectly matched arrangement of fresh flavours, with chunks of red onion, hot peppers, tomatoes and crunchy fried pita bread, topped with a big portion of creamy labneh. The dish is seasoned with za’atar, a delicious Israeli herb that’s reminiscent of oregano but more salty and intense.

To finish, ZeZe also offers a wonderful range of traditional Mediterranean and Israeli desserts. Their enchanting Homemade Baklava (THB 50) is a sugary dish which pairs the earthy tones of honey, nuts, and cinnamon with sharp notes of apple, which serves to cut through the sweetness. Their divine Knafeh Nebulseyeh (THB 120) is a dazzlingly decadent dessert; buttery and luxurious, the dish features crisp Kataif pastry filled with sweet dessert cheese, sticky syrup, and crunchy pistachio.

ZeZe offers its guests a plethora of invigorating soft and alcoholic beverages, made from luscious ingredients. Of particular note is the delightfully aromatic Ouzo lemons mint & ice (THB 90). This inventive beverage is essentially a Mediterranean mojito, with cool sprigs of mint complementing the liquorice notes of Ouzo. Fragrant and energizing, it serves to cleanse the palate of the rich, full flavours of the meal.

ZeZe’s sweet, thick Black coffee (included with main course) serves as a delightful end-note, similar in style and taste to a typical Turkish coffee, while their Mint tea (included with main course) is a wonderfully refreshing and traditional palate cleanser–both are ideal accompaniments to ZeZe’s wide assortment of pastries.


45 Chakrabonge Road, Chana Songkhram,

Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

Open daily from 8am to 12am

Tel: 02 282 2774 5

Facebook: @zezerestaurants




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