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by Webmaster Masala

Tamarind‘s all-natural menu proves that health is, indeed, wealth.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

Nestled along the sophisticated Wireless Road, Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok accompanied its recent inauguration with the debut of Tamarind, their all-day natural dining restaurant, apt for a resort that celebrates holistic health. Walking into the restaurant just off the resort’s ritzy lobby, the eye is immediately drawn to the wall of windows that reach toward the vaulted ceilings and maximise the glut of natural light sweeping over the warm, neutral furnishings. Despite the chic grey pillars and fashionable metallic accents, traditional Thai elements still take pride of place, such as the stunning orange and brown collage that depicts an artistic rendition of lotus buds atop one of Bangkok’s many khlongs.

An al fresco dining area provides visitors with the option of surrounding themselves in a haven of greenery, with glass-topped tables reflecting the century-old trees towering over them. Not a single sound from the city’s cacophony outside can breach the serenity of this cloistered space.

Every detail of Tamarind’s carefully considered menu contributes to the diners’ wellness, from calorie counts, to allergen labels, to descriptions detailing which foods stimulate creativity or will give you a much-needed boost of energy. With such an emphasis on wellbeing, perhaps the famed aphorism should be amended to, ‘a tamarind a day keeps the doctor away’…though not too far, as the upscale BDMS clinic, focused on preventative medicine and attached to this five-star resort, provides visitors with programmes tailor-made to help them achieve their wellness goals in non-invasive ways.

Food and Drink

Tamarind’s menu, curated by acclaimed German food consultant and nutritionist, Chef Gabriele ‘Gabi’ Kurz, has a bountiful array of nutritious options made from organic, sustainable, and GMO-free ingredients, all of which are locally sourced as much as possible. Before you start your meal, you’re served with complimentary home-made bread and dips, the latter of which provide something for everyone: pesto for vegans, a delectable roasted cauliflower and tofu dip for those with nut allergies, and butter for those of us who enjoy that extra indulgence.

We began with the Quinoa and organic pomelo salad (THB 280, 190-210 calories), touted to boost your metabolism and aid weight loss. The presentation evoked a vivid fairy garden in bloom, with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh blooms adding a whimsical feel to the whole. Each bite was a study in texture and flavour; the bite of the ginger and pomelo was offset by the sweet crunch of pomegranate and the zest of the lime dressing. For a more fiery start to your meal, I highly recommend the Marinated sashimi-grade yellow fin tuna (THB 320, 160- 180 calories), each delicately cut cuboid a perfect mouthful elevated by the piquant hit of togarashi (Japanese spice mix). Savour the pickled ginger aftertaste knowing that the natural oils in the tuna are supposed to aid in the growth of brain cells.

For our mains, we tried the Raw zucchini pad Thai (THB 320, 140-160 calories), a refreshing twist on the classic Thai dish. The shredded zucchini, bean sprouts, and cashews create a textural masterpiece that is light on both the palate and the weighing scale – the dish is meant to facilitate weight loss, aided by the sweet tamarind sauce you can drizzle over it. For a more substantial option, definitely try the Baked wild salmon ‘n chips (THB 570, 450-470 calories), baked with gluten-free herb crumbs. This juicy treat is only made better by the air-fried sweet potato fries which add the perfect counterpoint to the cool bite of the minted mashed peas and the home-made remoulade dip. It’s a heartwarming dish in more ways than one – the Omega 3 fatty acid of the salmon helps to maintain a healthy heart.

The Matcha chia parfait (THB 190, 90-110 calories) proves that you can have your healthy cake – or parfait – and eat it too: believed to prevent heart disease and expedite weight loss, the matcha is a punch of flavour that engulfs the senses, with black chia, raspberries and mangosteen balancing out this one-of-a-kind dessert. The Cashew cheese cake (THB 190, 340-360 calories) is an epicurean delight; marinated strawberries and cantaloupe add sweetness to the silky creaminess of the cake.

There are a plethora of nutritious concoctions for you to choose from, but the most popular – and rightly so – are the freshly-pressed craft juices and the craft smoothies. The Enzyme cooler (THB 180, 100-230 calories) is bracing with its ginger and mint combination, with pineapple and lemon adding extra zest. If you’re in the mood for a smoothie, I recommend the Mellow yellow (THB 280, 110-130 calories) which combines banana, mango and pineapple juice, and soy milk for the perfect tropical tipple, with fat-free yoghurt for that extra smooth finish.

Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok
2 Witthayu Road, Bangkok 10330

Tel: 02 666 3333


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