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Eight draping styles that will enliven your ethnic outfits with an all-new zeal.

by Shradha Aswani

Wear it on your sleeve (or not)!

By Shradha Aswani


Don the cape (pictured above)

Without bringing up the superhero analogy to boost the already-established abilities of women, this style
of wearing your dupatta on your shoulders can make you feel like a queen. You can have a Velcro patch sewn
across your blouse or just pin the dupatta across your shoulders. Chiff on and net dupattas look exceptionally
good when worn like this.

Cowl the casual

There is nothing as elegant as a sari when going for a traditional event, but wearing one to a function can
sometimes be too formal. If yours is a cotton or mixed fabric sari, wearing your pallu around the neck, like a
scarf, can help achieve the perfect smart-casual look.

Pin the pleats

This is an interesting and innovative way to wear your sari, and fairly simple to drape as well. You just pleat your sari at the back instead of the front, which creates a completely different kind of look and helps you stand out from the usual. This style could look particularly nice with stiff and glossy fabrics like silk.

Give the classic a twirl

This is a simple twist on the traditional Indian way to wear your dupatta on your chest, that can easily lift the look of dupattas made from transparent or translucent fabrics. You simply spread the entire breadth of the cloth on your front, and use the top two corners to tie a knot at the back, making the style quite manageable.

Belt the waist

Wearing a belt from the same fabric as your outfit, or one that complements it, can make any old piece look
trendy and modern. Wrap your dupatta around your shoulders or your neck, and neatly belt it on your waist
for a chic, contemporary look.

Brace comfort with style

If you’re the kind of person who’d wear jeans to everything, this style is for you. Pair your favourite
co-ord set or pant suit with a complementary sari from your wardrobe, and you are good to grace any
occasion. Goes especially well with fabrics that have a natural fall, like georgette or satin.


Ace the warrior look

Stoles have grown to become an immensely popular outfit choice for men as well. The old-school way of
framing a shawl on your shoulder on one side, and wrapping it around your elbow on the other, continues
to be one of the most dashing ways to complement a sherwani and/or a kurta-pyjama.

Own the crown

Dress like royalty by wearing one end of your stole or shawl diagonally across your chest, while you wrap the other around your shoulder. This style enriches a nehru-suit or a pathani all the more.

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