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Dr. Sujata Bhatia, Founder of AARYATA Group, bridges the gap between ancient wisdom, and modern personal and professional development

by Aiden

It’s positively transformative!

Photos taken at Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

As I write this article, I’m wearing a couple of spritzes of AARYATA’s Satya Series Perfume (Eau de Toilette)’s Shree scent, the underlying sweet notes of peach and pineapple honing my focus and lifting me above my prosaic surroundings. “It’ll boost your creativity,” Dr. Sujata Bhatia, the Founder of AARYATA Group had promised, when we met at the light-filled lobby of Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel.

Warm, engaging, and with a deceptively youthful aura despite her decades of experience and impressive qualifications, Sujata walked me through the wholly unique concept of AARYATA Group, designed to facilitate transformation at both the individual and corporate level. Unlike other models that tout a similar transformation, however, Sujata incorporates her scientific background; experience in coaching, corporate strategy and leadership development; and wisdom from ancient texts such as the Bhagavad Gita.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Tropical Agriculture from Kasetsart University, with a double degree in Business Administration, International Trade from Victoria University; a Master’s in Agribusiness Management from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT); and a PhD in Positive Organization Development from Bodhisastra University; Sujata’s scientific background was in stark contrast to the array of coaching certifications that she received later in life. However, she brought all this to bear when she started AARYATA: “The synergy of my diverse expertise deeply influences AARYATA’s work,” she reveals. “Coaching and leadership development empower individuals, while positive psychology enriches well-being, which is vital for sustainable development. Meanwhile, my background in corporate strategy ensures actions align with long-term goals, and my scientific knowledge in agri-business inspires our commitment to a sustainable world.”

When asked why she moved away from agri-business, she tells me with a smile, “I think everyone should have a life purpose. We’re not robots! I felt there was something more I could do to give back to the world, out of gratitude. I found I really enjoyed bringing out a better version of the people I meet, and my passion is teaching, and sharing what I have through experiences.” Because of this, she started her “labour of love” which culminated in AARYATA, under whose umbrella she’s written her FIDA with GITA book. “Everything I do is dedicated to my grandparents, family and mentors, for their invaluable insights and guidance on my journey,” she says, “and to my Krishna, who has inspired me to search for my super-soul and be a better version of myself – something I hope everyone can achieve.”

She spoke to Masala further about how she is driving this transformative change in individuals and corporations alike.

You developed the FIDA Model while you were practicing life coaching. Could you explain in further detail what exactly the FIDA model is, and how it contributes to the growth and transformation of individuals and organisations?

The FIDA Model consists of 12 interrelated keywords, and each letter stands for a triplet of Fs, Is, Ds, and As. For example, D stands for ‘dream, design, and doing,’ which encompasses goal setting. There are also sub-models known as the 3D, 3F, 3I, and 3A Models.

It’s a unique and powerful framework that I’ve developed to facilitate transformation in both personal and professional development, in a sustainable way so that people don’t go back to previous habits. FIDA stands for the alignment of Spirit, Mind, and Body, which are the core components of our being. While I already had the FIDA model in hand since 2014, it didn’t feel complete until I’d delved deeper into the Bhagavad Gita and drew inspiration from its ancient wisdom and others like it. It combines modern principles of positive psychology and leadership development.

In essence, the FIDA Model emphasises the significance of aligning these three dimensions of our existence to achieve a state of harmony and fulfilment:

• Personal Growth
• Leadership Development
• Organisational Transformation

Can you tell us about what inspired you to establish Aaryata, and what exactly its mission and vision are?

AARYATA draws inspiration from the Sanskrit words “Arya” and “Sujata,” signifying noble qualities and purity. It also happens to be a combination of the name of my niece, Arya, and my name, and the double A represents my nephew’s name, Arkin, so it’s very personal to me.

I had a deep-rooted aspiration to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern living, and AARYATA emerged from the belief that the timeless teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and other ancient texts have the power to guide individuals and organisations towards a more purposeful, harmonious, and successful existence. Our aim is to be a guiding star for those seeking to navigate the complexities of life and work with wisdom, compassion, and authenticity; and a source of inspiration towards a better, more fulfilling life.

Under the AARYATA Group umbrella is FIDA with GITA, which includes all the courses I do on the corporate strategy level. I grew up influenced by the epics and vedas, under the guidance of my grandparents. I’ve always been very fascinated with these stories, and wanted to get more insight, and when I was inspired to delve further, that’s when I found the Bhagavad Gita. I was hooked! I’d finally found how to bridge my original model to what people want, and the FIDA Model became easier to reach, grasp, and understand through the wisdom found in every verse of the Bhagavad Gita. Despite selecting only a few verses for my model, I’m forever grateful to the text for its tremendous influence which has empowered me to pursue self-development. It’s important to note that it’s not the base for the book, we’ve just taken some of the vast wisdom lying within, and incorporated it into the model.

At the heart of our offerings also lies our exquisite Satya Series Perfume (Eau de Toilette), a sensory journey that complements our mission beautifully. Within AARYATA, the Satya Series Perfume represents the harmonious fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary luxury. Each fragrance in this series, whether it’s ‘Sree’, ‘Charm,’ or ‘Shakti,’ is inspired by the divine characters of Hindu mythology – Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Kali, respectively.

You’ve mentioned the Aaryata uses scents as a part of its approach to inspire positive development, through three, FDA-approved formulas that you’ve developed in the labs. How do scents play a role in your programmes, and what impact have they had on individuals’ well-being and performance?

Scents have a profound impact on our emotions, memory, and overall wellbeing. They act as catalysts, enhancing mindfulness and facilitating positive change. Participants in our programmes have reported heightened focus, reduced stress, and a greater sense of inner peace, all of which contribute to improved wellbeing and enhanced performance in both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

When I was delving into the Bhagavad Gita, I found a lot of knowledge hidden in the scriptures. I wanted to make an organic scent that’s correct with the scriptures, in ways that positively affect the neurotransmitters in the brain. Each of the scents use local flowers, spices, and herbs, but the formulas and ingredients are cross-checked with the vedas, and I’ve personally spent five to six months helping to develop each one in a lab.

These fragrances are not just perfumes; they are olfactory expressions of the noble qualities and purity that AARYATA stands for. ‘Sree’ embodies success and creativity, ‘Charm’ radiates charisma and charm, and ‘Shakti’ exudes fierce confidence and empowerment.

Aaryata uses a unique combination of different strategies and elements that aren’t used in similar platforms. Could you share a success story in which Aaryata drove significant growth and success for a corporation or academic institution?

There are many success stories. A shining example is our “Youth Leadership Program”, which has been a resounding success and has brought about transformation in the youth in our community.

At a corporate level, another project implemented is the “Leadership and Organizational Renewal Program”, in collaboration with world-class universities such as AIT, for foreign participants. The programme has helped them develop tremendous insights into the development model, which they in turn have brought back for their respective organisations and countries.

What future plans or projects does Aaryata have in store to continue its mission of inspiring and transforming individuals and organisations?

Our vision is to continue inspiring and transforming lives, fostering personal and organisational growth, and contributing to a more sustainable and harmonious world. Thank you Krishna, I will attempt to further your wisdom and teachings.

Fida with Gita Facebook: @fidawithgita

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