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Nathapol ‘Manvinder’ and Vorachart ‘Karan’ Sirinarang, the Managing Partners of Mr Kevin, a full-service laundry partner for businesses, have ironed out a winning business strategy.

by Nikki Kumar

The Cycle Of Progress


It’s always a pleasure to meet people that I’ve interviewed before, and more so when they’ve flourished since I last saw them, expanding into new realms of industry and moving from strength to strength. Nathapol ‘Manvinder’ and Vorachart ‘Karan’ Sirinarang are two such brothers who had started a then-new laundry startup, a mostly B2C laundry business that offered premium-quality services; and have since grown their business into Mr Kevin, a successful, full-service laundry partner for established, world-renowned names in hospitality and other industries. When asked what’s changed since the beginning, and what the impetus was for their change in direction, Manvinder and Karan are candid about learning from the challenges and rising above them. “Our previous startup was opened during the COVID-19 pandemic era, when everyone was playing safe, and waiting and watching,” they tell me. “It was initially tough as it was a learning and trial period for the new business, and a new way of running it. However, we constantly tried to learn on the job. We researched and implemented what we thought was best, initially just to survive, but eventually to thrive.” 

It was then, as they learned to leverage the vast network of hoteliers, spas, clinics, and other B2B segments in their portfolio, that they realised that there were heretofore unexplored opportunities by providing B2B services, and that with their years of experience, they were ready to venture into new horizons, effectively applying their separate areas of expertise. “We had both handled different areas of the business,” they explained. “We were always hands-on in the business, and constantly shared with each other our problems and what we learnt about management, finance, accounting, and business growth. When we realised we had given more to the previous brand than the brand had given us, we knew it was time to move up. ‘Mr Kevin,’ as our new brand identity, represents both of us. We are perfectionists and strive for the highest quality and service, and that is what we have been providing to our partners. That is why they trust us, because they know we deliver.”

They spoke to Masala further about the importance of reliability, what makes them a laundry partner par excellence, and how their business is continuing to expand through the industry’s spin cycle of rapid change.  

As brothers running a B2B laundry service, what unique advantages do you bring to the table compared to larger corporate competitors? How does your familial dynamic contribute to the success of your business?

 As brothers, we have our differences, but still share many similarities. We bring the personal touch, our years of experience, and our joint passion for only the highest-quality products into the business. This sets us apart from larger corporate business. Our strengths are in different areas and we work in those areas where we are strongest. We trust that the other can handle his own parts best, while continuously keeping open channels of communication with each other. 

Could you walk us through the specific capabilities of Mr. Kevin in catering to the needs of hoteliers in Bangkok? How do you ensure that laundry is cleaned to the highest standards while maintaining efficiency, timeliness, and reliability? 

Mr Kevin adheres to the highest quality of cleanliness, and we maintain exceptional standards of professionalism, service, prompt communication, and efficiency, with a 24-hour turnaround. We guarantee on-time delivery and consistency in meeting deadlines, especially during peak seasons or unforeseen circumstances. These are crucial pillars when dealing with the B2B sector, which spans hotels, restaurants, spas, clinics, wellness centres, the F&B industry, and more. We even provide services for staff uniforms, curtains, and hotel guests’ prestige garments, which are treated with special care. We set a standard very close to our B2C business, but at a competitive price for this sector. Moreover, we’ve established strict guidelines throughout the process, and monitor every step closely with our leading-edge IT system to ensure that they are all adhered to. 

What furthermore sets us apart are how hands on we are compared to other corporate businesses, and the rapport that we’ve built we’ve our partners. The fact that word of mouth of our business has spread so far is testament to the fact that our partners appreciate the services that we provide to them, and that they trust us. We don’t have to advertise much; they recommend us on their own. 

In a competitive market like Bangkok, what strategies do you employ to keep your pricing reasonable without compromising on quality? How do you strike a balance between affordability and excellence in service?

With our vast experience from our other family businesses, and as the third generation in management with a modern mindset, our quality and service is far above what the market provides. We minimise losses that arise from poor service and instead maximise customer satisfaction, which ensures customer loyalty and repeat orders. This is the secret to viable and sustainable business. By changing processes such as only investing in high-quality products which are more effective and efficient, we cut costs, save time, and ensure that our clients are satisfied to the best of our ability.   

We also ensure value-added propositions such as prompt communication in Thai or English, and quality and delivery assurances. 

Professionalism is a key aspect that hoteliers look for in their service providers. How does Mr. Kevin ensure a seamless and professional experience for its clients, from initial contact to delivery of cleaned laundry?

 In every aspect of the business, we only hire skilled, professional staff and consultants, who have shown to be competent in that area of business. We ourselves only adhere to our own high standards of professionalism and integrity, to ensure that at every step our customers have a seamless experience. 

Finally, what’s next on the horizon for both of you?

The sky’s the limit! There is no maximum threshold of customers for us, and beyond that, we plan to expand even further in the near future, not only in laundry services, but in other hospitality services as well. We are here to diversify, scale up, and continue to be your trusted choice for the laundry industry, and beyond.

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