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by Webmaster Masala

Social media enthusiast Natasha Suntewari discusses the ins and outs of being a lifestyle blogger.

By Ashima Sethi

The Open Journal is a lifestyle blog that reads like an online diary, exploring a range of topics from fashion trends and skincare to mental health and wellbeing. The humble voice behind the blog is Natasha Suntewari, who strives to create an honest online platform for her readers, by offering insight into her life as a career-oriented woman and a third culture individual. With thousands of followers on her Instagram and Facebook pages, Masala sits down with Natasha to talk about her growing social media presence.

 Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.

I was born and raised in Bangkok, but I moved to Vancouver six years ago to complete an undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC). After I graduated, I worked for a magazine and then later went on to work as a marketing and PR manager at a media company. I am hopeful to complete an MBA at some point but we’ll see how that goes.

In regards to my blog, I create visual and written content about general lifestyle topics, such as fashion, beauty and food; basically all the things I love. I try to maintain an authentic personality and I use humour to inspire and create a sense of community with my readers.

How did you initially get into blogging?

I started blogging about two years ago. I always had a passion for writing and taking photographs, so instead of keeping all my work to myself, I decided to take the plunge and put it ‘out there’ to see what kind of response I would get. It was a very intimidating process at the beginning, but I knew that receiving feedback would give me insight into how I could improve.

As a blogger, what are your biggest challenges?

One of the most difficult things is trying to make myself stand out. The market is very saturated because there are so many talented, beautiful, creative and smart bloggers out there, so it’s always a struggle to create something different for my audience that hasn’t already been done better.

What kind of topics do you enjoy writing about?  

I choose to focus on a few topics, but if I’m being honest, my favourite posts are the ones where I get to reflect on something I’ve learned or where I’m motivating people by offering support. My Instagram bio says ‘read my captions’ because it’s very important to me that people focus on them as well as the pictures. I try my best to make all my posts meaningful in their own way.

Some of her most popular posts are about fashion. So let’s find out more about where she gets her inspiration.

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have any fashion icons? 

I’m a mix between casual and chic. I love being comfortable in everything I wear but I do make sure to add in some frills and colourful statement pieces. Cute and comfy is totally a thing! My two favourite fashionistas are Cara Delevigne and Emily Ratajkowski.

What are some of your favourite fashion trends?  

My current favourites include crop tops, track pants, flared sleeve tops and furry sandals.

Where do you hope to see your blog in the future?

I hope to work with more local brands because I love supporting aspiring entrepreneurs. I feel great when I’m able to put new and deserving talent out there for people to recognise and learn about. A lot of the time, amazing ideas don’t get the attention they deserve because they haven’t been able to reach the right audience.

What tips can you give people who are interested in starting a blog or website? 

I recommend setting aside time every day to dedicate to blogging, as it’s very important to be consistent with posts in order to gain followers. Start by creating a detailed plan of what you want to achieve and how you would go about doing it. Unleash your creativity and don’t let fear stop you; you can do this! For extra help, feel free to contact me on my website or through any of my social media channels.

Follow Natasha’s blog on her social media sites:

Instagram: @theopenjournal

Facebook: @tashasopenjournal

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