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Despite the country’s ban of Chinese apps last year, Shein is now relaunching in India

by Aiden

You read it right, shopaholics, it’s really happening!

By Pooja Shah 

Throughout the current neverending pandemic which has negatively affected numerous businesses, online shopping has conversely skyrocketed, making Shein a go-to fashion platform. A Chinese e-commerce brand, Shein offers an abundant range of choices for apparel, accessories, lifestyle goods and much more. It’s enormously popular for its affordable rates and fresh fashion trends, mainly attracting the global Millennial and Gen Z audience, and spans over 220 countries and territories.  

Unfortunately, in June 2020, allegedly due to threats to Indian data security and the highly tense relationship between India and China, the Indian government forbade over 60 Chinese apps. Hence, under Section 69A of the IT Act, Shein was one of the first applications to be banned, crushing the hearts of millions of purchasers in India and driving online shoppers to search for alternatives. 

But if, like me, you’re a fan of midnight retail therapy, don’t be disheartened because Shein is relaunching in India on July 26th via Amazon India, through Amazon’s Annual Prime Day Sale. The sale will last for two days, from midnight July 26th till the end of July 27th.

Upon the arrival of the celebratory announcement, Shein fans have flooded the Internet expressing their excitement and happiness. A hilarious meme gone viral on Twitter features an iconic scene of Jaya Bachchan from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) to emphasize how women are impatiently waiting for Shein’s return.

Amazon has yet to confirm whether Shein is registered as a sub-platform or as a retailer, but its website has announced Shein’s comeback. Still, further official announcements are yet to come, describing the variations in the process, but Shein products will surely be accessible in India. Be ready to take advantage of this year’s Prime Day Festival!

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