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Groove it up with Bobby Singh’s street dance fashion

by Aiden

Tips from this recreational dancer on how to keep the ‘hip’ in hip hop fashion. 

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

“I never used to dress this way,” 22-year-old Amardeep ‘Bobby’ Singh tells me with a laugh as he indicates his ubiquitous snapback cap and carefully-chosen getup. “Growing up in Thailand, I wasn’t into dressing up that much, but when I went to uni in Chicago, which is the birthplace of a lot of hip hop and rap, the hip hop culture there really inspired me – the music, the dances, and the outfits.”

Born and raised in Bangkok, Bobby’s dress sense stands out from the crowd with its loose-fitting ease and clear point of view. “I listen to hip hop every day, and I dress according to what I listen to,” he explains. Being able to represent his own personal style every time he goes out gives him a boost of confidence. “I’ve found that I feel most comfortable in this style – I feel cooler as a person and I have more confidence. If I wear something I’m not comfortable in, I wouldn’t be as confident.”

Dance to Your Own Tune: The quintessential dance uniform, the outfit combines a loose-fitting white sweater with navy blue joggers pulled up to show off the all-important footwear. A snapback cap completes the look. “Almost every single dancer dresses like this because they’re loose and comfortable – and they always have white socks and white shoes.” Sweater from H&M; sneakers from Nike Air Max; snapback hat from Aape

As he demonstrates his clothes’ comfort with an impromptu dance, Bobby lists his fashion inspirations: “Dance crews and dancers, mostly. Quick Style from Norway, Julian DeGuzman, the Brotherhood Dance Crew, or hip hop artists like A$AP Rocky. But mostly it’s all about how good I feel – if I feel good wearing it, then I’ll wear it. If I don’t, I won’t. It’s that simple.”

It’s the Bomb(er): A bomber jacket in maroon adds energy to this combination that pairs violet trousers with a matching snapback cap. “When I go out at night, I always wear some kind of bomber because I feel like I’m dressed for an occasion, and I love the colour maroon.” Bomber jacket from H&M, trousers from Zara

These days, brands don’t feature in Bobby’s consideration when he shops for clothes. “I used to shop in department stores a lot,” he says, “but now I mostly shop online – Facebook and Instagram advertisements, or Lazada and Shopee. You can get really specific items online.” As for fashion advice, Bobby dispenses a single proverb: “If you want to look fresh, always wear white shoes.” 

Horsin’ Around: An equestrian from a young age, this outfit is ready to ride with classic white breeches and knee-high leather boots that mean business. “I wore this outfit to every single polo match – the key is wearing white pants that are super stretchable to easily get on and off the horse.” White bridges from La Martina, shirt from Rip Curl, boots custom-made in India

“I’d bring a cap – a snapback. I always wear one, and hey it’s a dessert island, so it’ll provide protection from the sun as well.”


  1. Custom-made bracelet: “Made by my dad, this bracelet has been an essential item for me since I was young. I just don’t like having my wrist empty.”
  2. Snapback cap from AAPE: “Snapbacks save anyone from bad hair days.”
  3. White sneakers from Nike Air Max: “White sneakers are the key to looking fresh. If you want to be extra fresh, add white socks.”
  4. Sunglasses from H&M: “Absolutely essential for traveling around sunny Bangkok.”
  5. Bomber jacket from H&M: “The bomber makes me always feel a little more dressed for an occasion – it adds extra swag to any outfit.”

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