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Cousins Surachet and Anand Amornrattanavej weigh in on bringing the world-renowned Technogym brand to Thailand

by Aiden

How it’s hiiting the right spot in Thailand’s health and wellness landscape.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

The sporadic closures of gyms in Thailand during this pandemic have invariably affected people in one of two ways – you’ve either spent the last year and a half trying your hand at home workouts or risking your knees running up and down the Sukhumvit pavements, or you’ve given up entirely and decided to embrace your new status as a couch potato. I’ll admit, I’ve vacillated between the two, hoping for a solution that is as consistent as a gym workout; offers the variety provided by gym classes; will still give me the option of avoiding crowds; and won’t be an eyesore when installed in front of my TV.

Having anticipated these and other concerns in Thailand’s wellness industry, Surachet Amornrattanavej and Anand Amornrattanavej, cousins whose entrepreneurial spirit is matched only by their confidence, have brought Technogym to Thailand. Considered the world’s foremost wellness solutions provider, Technogym was founded over 35 years ago in Italy, and has since then reached over 100 countries and millions of customers worldwide. When asked about their ambition in becoming the brand’s sole distributor in Thailand, Surachet and Anand, Technogym Thailand’s Managing Director and Business Development Director, respectively, cite their breadth of previous experience despite their relatively youth. Both with degrees from Mahidol University and various certifications, including Fast Track Entrepreneur courses, the cousins forged their own paths prior to establishing themselves as a dynamic business duo.

Surachet Amornrattanavej, Managing Director

“I worked as an Export Manager at Elite Auto, and in the last decade have handled all sorts of aspects of the business from branding, marketing, and finance, to handling legal documents,” Surachet says. “This really helped shape me in my role today in setting the overall direction and strategy for Euro Wellness World and ensuring that the company is providing customers with the best service.”

Anand Amornrattanavej, Business Development Director

No stranger to the entrepreneurial and corporate world either, Anand recounts his experience as the Sales Director of Siam World Group, and co-founder of a start-up. “My experience in communication, building meaningful connections and entrepreneurship has led me to not only lead the sales team but to also ensure that everyone in Euro Wellness World understands the vision and mission of Technogym,” he explains.

When asked about their timely interest in the health and wellness industry, the duo are passionate about its potential in Thailand. “It’s seen massive growth,” Surachet tells me. “I believe that it will keep growing as people are giving more importance to the health and wellness lifestyle. This is the main reason why we knew that it would be a great opportunity.”

“Our family also has a lot of experience in doing various businesses in Thailand including import/export, high-end furniture with our company called Euro Creations, and real estate,” Anand adds on. This experience gave the two cousins the boost of confidence they needed in bringing a luxury service provider to the country, they explain to me. “With our experience working with luxury brands, we were confident in our ability to bring Technogym to Thailand,” Surachet asserts.

Masala spoke to them further about what makes the brand stand out, and promoting wellness as a lifestyle in Thailand.

What do you personally believe makes Technogym unique compared to other wellness providers in the world, and more specifically, in Thailand?

Anand: I would say that Technogym stands out because we are leaders in technology and innovation. From our designs, to our products, to our service, advanced technology and innovation is embedded in every stage. We can proudly say that Technogym continuously revolutionises the industry, and pushes the limit of wellness further. On top of that, our design reflects true Italian craftsmanship, like a designer furniture piece for your home.

Technogym has partnered with some of the biggest names in the world, including the Olympic Games and Formula 1. Can you tell us a little about those partnerships, and why Technogym is their brand of choice?

Surachet: We are proud to say that Technogym has been the Official Supplier for the Olympic Games going on eight times now, the most recent being the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Our Olympic journey started 20 years ago, at Sydney 2000 and we’ve been at the side of Olympic athletes ever since. We have a campaign called ‘Champions Train with Technogym,’ which shows world-renowned athletes and brands, such as Rafael Nadal and McLaren, training with Technogym equipment.

We believe that our design, scientific research, and innovative technology all plays a role and makes us the number one choice for our partners.

You’ve recently introduced Technogym Live, which has come at a time when the importance of digitalisation has been highlighted by this pandemic. Can you tell us about it, and how you think digitisation will affect the future of the wellness industry?

Anand: Technogym Live is a new digital user interface that inspires people to embrace exercise and make it a part of their daily lives, so they can achieve results in a fun and motivating way. For example, we have our AI Technogym Coach, a virtual personal assistant that will motivate and guide you in your training. We also have Technogym Sessions, which is like having a virtual trainer by your side, Technogym Routines, which is a step- by-step guidance from an automatic workout programme, and Technogym Outdoors and Entertainment where you can access NetflixYouTube or any other app or website of your choice. This pandemic has opened a new door and opportunity for digitalisation, and I believe that it is the future. Just like how hospitals are now adopting a lot of AI, we also believe that it will become a big part of the wellness industry.

During this time, the importance of health and fitness has really hit home. How has Technogym contributed to allowing people to keep up with their fitness goals despite the pandemic?

Surachet: The pandemic has definitely been a wake-up call for many people and a reminder that we have to take care of our health. Technogym is an early adopter when it comes to digitalisation. As Anand mentioned earlier, Technogym Live and the entertainment we offer with our equipment definitely makes Technogym even more attractive to people. People are now shifting to working out at home and our products have helped them create the perfect home wellness solution.

What are Technogym’s expansion plans?

Surachet: Currently, we have a showroom in Bangkok which is located in Ekkamai, and also another showroom in Phuket. Our Bangkok showroom serves as an experience centre where customers are welcome to come and try out our equipment and unique wellness experience. However, we do have plans to expand and you might find Technogym at another prime location in Bangkok in the near future.

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