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Comfort is Queen

by Webmaster Masala

Sukrita Makhni fuses ease with a touch of glam for an uninhibiting aesthetic.

By Shruti Kothari

“When it comes to my style priorities, comfort always comes out on top,” says Sukrita Makhni, co-founder of Tash Fine Jewelry. “Whether I’m at work, or running after my two kids, nothing is more important than the ability to move around easily. I really believe that your fashion choices should enable you to live your best life, and not restrict you!”

As an Indian who spent her whole life in Thailand, attended an international school, and loves to travel, Sukrita’s wardrobe is a melting pot of different cultures and aesthetics. “I don’t have any particular favourite place to shop. Whether I’m in Thailand or abroad, I love to visit both malls and markets, and I pick up whatever catches my eye. It should be chic, and most importantly, it should fit well. The way an outfit highlights your natural shape is what really makes it look beautiful.”

While Sukrita prefers to keep her clothing simple, she knows how to dress it up. “I like shiny things! Metallic flourishes catch my eye, but what I truly love is jewellery. You can change the entire look of an outfit by accessorising creatively. I love unique pieces that add character. I always wear jewellery from my own brand, because that way, I get to wear precisely what I want! That’s definitely a perk of being able to design things yourself.”

Sukrita’s Essentials

Jewellery from Tash Fine Jewelry: “This adds both sparkle and personality to any aesthetic.”

Sunglasses by Versace: “Especially when driving around in sunny Bangkok, these are vital!”

American Eagle jeans: “Basics that fit well are crucial for both style and comfort.”

Chanel flats: “These shoes are stylish but also practical for my hectic lifestyle!”

Lipstick and Lipgloss from Hourglass: “These simple items just transform your whole look.”

Another way to uplift your sartorial choices is through makeup, Sukrita explains. “The sheer range of colours and textures available is thrilling. Even if you are just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the way you do your makeup can make it look ultra luxurious. I love makeup to the point that I started my own Instagram blog, @makeupdiariesbysukrita, so I can try out different looks and review products for others. Makeup really gives me a lot of joy.”

An artist both by passion and profession, Sukrita’s fashion is a vessel for her imagination. “At the end of the day, I love to dress well because it’s a form of self-expression. Everyone wakes up a blank canvas, and each day brings new inspiration for how to bring that canvas to life.”

Mornings in Masaba

Sukrita pairs a bright, pineapple-print top from Masaba with American Eagle ripped jeans, and black, feathered shoes from an exhibition, for a bold, fun outfit to start the day off in style.Select pieces from Tash Fine Jewelry finish her look.

Sundown Sparkle

For starry nights, Sukrita dons an elegant Tadashi Shoji dress with metallic elements, and adds personality with funky United Nude shoes, and jewellery from Tash Fine Jewelry. A Jimmy Choo bag and a Rolex watch complete that evening glam aesthetic.

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