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by Webmaster Masala

CPS Coffee provides a stellar caffeine fix with enticing mugs of rich, velvety java.

By Tom McLean


Situated on the M Floor of Sukhumvit’s famous Terminal 21 shopping mall, CPS Coffee is the perfect place for relaxing into an enchanting beverage or picking up a lip-smacking cup-to-go. With a sleek, ultramodern interior, the café exhibits a smart and stylish ambience that reflects the contemporary expertise of their baristas and bakers.

The venue is interspersed with copper and black motifs, emphasising the CPS brand’s commitment to both rich coffee and timeless fashion. Featuring a variety of different seating options – perfect for both large groups and lone caffeine fanatics – a range of comfortable stools, sofas and chairs are available to sink into. Bar seating features charging ports for phones, and hooks to hang shopping bags onto, encouraging customers to enjoy some retail therapy in the CPS Chaps clothing store before taking a load off at the café. This inspired intermingling of comfort and chic makes it an ideal space to socialise with friends or for solo guests to spend a lazy afternoon taking it all in, with a computer or book at hand.

Food and Drink

A seminal array of delightful savouries and baked goods are available for all to enjoy. Their mouthwatering mains include the piquant Krapao Gai Sandwich Croissant (THB 200) which features the classic Thai flavour pairing of chilli, garlic and basil, along with tender chicken. This sumptuous sandwich is topped with a silky fried egg and is complemented by the delectably flaky and buttery croissant pastry. Their sublime Salmon Rocket Croissant (THB 220) is a similarly appetising dish, featuring a generous filling of smoked salmon, luscious rocket leaves and a zesty, house-made dressing. For those looking to satisfy their sugar cravings, their Raspberry Red Velvet (THB 90) cookie mixes tart raspberry with delightful white chocolate, creating a delicious mishmash of sweet and sharp. Likewise, their Chocolate Lava(THB 90) cookie is soft, chewy, and loaded with rich, warm chocolate; a guilty pleasure that is perfected with one of CPS’s hot drinks.


CPS Coffee offers a plethora of interesting and distinctive options for your caffeine fix, foremost being their exemplary Espresso (THB 90). An espresso is often a good indicator of a barista’s skill and the café’s sublime pick-me-up sets an exceptional standard. We were thoroughly impressed by the layer of cremathat sat on top of the espresso, a clear reflection of their barista’s refined coffee making expertise. Furthermore, their coffee beans are specially selected to match the differing styles of beverage on offer. For espressos and other black coffee choices, CPS uses a milder, more complex variety of coffee bean they call the Amber Ale. These beans have a highly flavoursome, almost fruity profile that tantalises and excites.

Next up, we tried their superb Latte (THB 120 for hot; THB 130 for iced) which enthralled us with its full-bodied taste and incredible aroma. The thick, creamy dairy of the latte is perfectly matched with the stronger, more intense variety of coffee bean they call the Copper Stout. This stronger blend means that the java isn’t overpowered by the milk and doesn’t lose its caffeinated edge.

For a sweeter, more luxurious option, their delightful Caramel Dirty (THB 160) is a luscious deconstruction of classic coffee ingredients. Featuring layers of creamy, ice-cold milk; strong, warm espresso; and sugary caramel, the distinct flavours and contrasting temperatures of all three ingredients can be tasted separately, before blending on the palate, creating a satisfying, dessert-like experience.

For tea drinkers, CPS’s superb Chai Rosé (THB 150) is a wonderfully aromatic tea experience, with a beautiful, flowery aesthetic. The tea leaves are cold-brewed for hours, creating an intense infusion which is then combined with rose syrup, lemonade and cinnamon. The result is a uniquely fragrant brew that enchants and refreshes.

The Thai Tea X Cocoa (THB 150) was the final drink we tried. This inspired beverage combines the earthy tones of traditional Thai tea with velvety chocolate. The tea component has a highly defined, authentic flavour – an upshot of the premium-quality tea leaves that are used – perfectly complemented by the smooth, thick cocoa that is served in a separate glass jug. Every specially-curated element of this beverage showcases the effort and thought that goes into all of the menu items.

You can enjoy CPS Coffee in several other locations, including Icon Siam, Central World, and a new, upcoming branch at Central Festival Eastville.

M Floor, Terminal 21
88 Soi Sukhumvit 19, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea,
Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Open daily from 7am to 10pm

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