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Cloud kitchens: what are they, and which ones should you check out?

by Aiden

Our curated guide to living on cloud dine.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

There’s been a cloud over the F&B industry recently, but this one is its own silver lining. Hailed as the future of the food delivery business, cloud kitchens, also called ghost, dark, or commissary kitchens, are centralised food preparation spaces that are often rented out to multiple restaurants at once, allowing them to focus on a delivery-only business model. This allows for reduced costs and ease of delivery to nearby areas, so food stays fresh and arrives faster.

With the continuing lockdown restrictions in Bangkok, many well-known restaurants have opened their own cloud kitchens, while big food delivery aggregators, such as GrabFood (partnered with Central Restaurants Group), LINE MAN, and Foodpanda have opened for-rent kitchens for select restaurants on their respective platforms. The latter is great news for us adventurers who’ve craved some tandoori chicken with a side of sushi because unlike regular deliveries, you can select dishes from different restaurants in the same order. Here’s a list of some of our favourite cloud kitchen restaurants that you should check out.


Unsurprisingly “all about samosas,” the virtual restaurant specialises in innovative takes on this most popular of Indian snacks, from savoury options such as their Thai-inspired Nam prik ong jao (THB 150) to their upcoming sweet varieties, including one intriguing Cookies and cream samosa that I’ll have to try just to say I did. Order from their LINE @samosashackbkk


If, like me, you’ve wanted to inconspicuously order double portions for yourself, this one’s for you. True to their name, BOGO Pasta offer buy one get one promotions year-round, for only THB 199. Despite their affordability, however, they still focus on authenticity, and their Spaghetti meat balls is a classic. Order via Grabfood or Foodpanda.


Known for their Thai and East Asian favourites, like their classic Ramen (THB 85) with all the toppings, Panda Kitchen will hit just the spot when you’re craving rice or noodle-based comfort food, all while being very affordable. Order via LINE MANGrabfood or Robinhood.


Bangkok go-tos Indus and getfresh have both opened their own cloud kitchens, replete with exclusive delivery deals, to better cope with their influx of orders during lockdown. Opt for the former for Mughlai-style, elevated Indian cuisine while the latter specialises in simple, natural, and healthy options. To order, simply add them on LINE (@getfreshth and @indus) and tap ‘Order Now.’


Some days, there’s just nothing like a burger loaded with your fillings of choice – and choice you’ll have at Easy Burger, which has all the usual suspects, and more. For the best deal, order their sets, such as their Veggie set (THB 245) which includes their veggie burger (made with a brown rice, walnuts and bean patty), fries, and a drink. Order via GrabFoodpandaLINE MAN or gojek.


What’s easier than tucking into a bowl of everything you’ll need for a delicious meal? Tokyo Bowl will leave you spoiled for choice with their range of rice bowls and other Japanese offerings, but I’d personally recommend their Chicken curry rice (THB 119) if you’re craving some comfort food.page6image62677440 Order via GrabKitchen.


In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with Isaan cuisine, and Zaap Classic has all the varieties of som tam and yam dishes that you could wish for. They even have curated bento sets, of which I’d recommend their Bento A1 (THB 140) for that ultimate som tamgai yang, and khao niao combination. Order via LINE MAN Kitchen.


An amalgamation of all the restaurants under Oishi Group – Oishi BuffetShabushiOishi Ramen, and Oishi Delivery – you can find anything from Sushi sets (starting at THB 420) to a variety of fried ramen dishes here, for the ultimate Japanese feast. Order via FoodpandaGrabFood or LINE MAN.

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