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Canvas’ new 18-course tasting menu pays homage to Thailand’s treasured ingredients

by Ashima

Executive Chef Riley Sanders successfully delivers his unique vision.

By Amrita Sachdev

Even before the restaurant received its one Michelin Star in the second edition of the Michelin Bangkok Guide, Canvas had generated plenty of buzz in Thailand’s diverse fine dining scene due to its innovative dishes crafted using exotic local ingredients.

A stylish restaurant situated in the heart of lively Thonglor, Canvas’ expertly curated 18-course tasting menu will take you on an unforgettable journey through the different regions of Thailand. With no à la carte options, your experience lies in the hands of native Texas gastronome, Executive Chef Riley Sanders, whose understanding of the vibrant flavours of Thai cuisine and extensive culinary training guarantee a truly special culinary experience.

First Impressions

Beyond its elegant European-inspired façade, the dining room’s high ceilings and striking patterned floor tiles, luxurious leather booths, and contemporary abstract wall art create a sophisticated ambience. This modern feel is further amplified by a copper-topped counter where guests can enjoy a front-row seat to watch the talented chefs in action.

For those looking for a more intimate dining setting, the restaurant’s table seats, each framed by retro table lamps and pendant ceiling lights, offer the perfect backdrop for a romantic date night. In regards to service, expect nothing short of luxury. A warm welcome on behalf of the team and chefs as you enter, and dedicated wait staff attending to your table throughout the evening.  

Food and Drink

The 18-course tasting menu (THB 4,500++) embodies the phrase “food is art,” as each plate is crafted to mimic a canvas come to life, and these ‘canvases’ have been translated into a collection of paintings that make up the menu itself. In order to fully immerse ourselves in the experience, we opted for both the Alcoholic (THB 2,900++) and Non-alcoholic (THB 1,200++) drink pairings, each elevating the distinct flavour profiles of Chef Riley’s dishes in their own way.

Unbound by traditional culinary rules, Canvas’s menu fuses international and local-inspired preparations with modern techniques. To begin, we were served a bite-sized delight, an amouse-bouche bursting with intense flavour that had us anticipating the upcoming courses.

This was followed by the delightful Mud crab that paired well with a Ribolla Gialla Yosko Gravner, a smooth orange wine with aromas of lemon zest. The Toasted rice bread with salted egg and yellow chilli was next, followed by a dish of Sturgeon, potato, sea grape, and peppercorn, and Black sticky rice with luscious Royal Oscietra Caviar, coconut, and buttery notes of sacha inchi.

A dish that truly showcased Chef Riley’s innovative approach, the Wild mushroom with mao berry, wild chestnut, and wild coriander was cleverly plated and showcased four different, textural mushroom preparations that both refreshed and titillated our taste buds.

 Despite many strong contenders, the Duck breast was our personal favourite. Aged for seven days, smoked in dried rice stalks, and then cooked on the skin side, the duck is served with a slow-cooked charcoal pineapple from Uttaradit and finished with a rich ginger and wild cardamom duck jus to create a well-balanced, exquisite dish. Undoubtedly one that will leave you wanting more.

Finally, the Beef tongue marked a phenomenal end to the savoury courses. It combined essences of brassica, black garlic, fermented fish, and eight different preparations of onion to create flavours that married beautifully with a glass of Tinto Pesquera Crianza “Alejandro Fernandez,” Spain 2016.

Moving onto something sweet, Snake fruit was a punchy blend of aromatic osmanthus, wild stingless bee honey, and lime, which was a refreshing palate cleanser that cut straight through the richness of the previous courses. Similarly, Mangosteen, crafted using purple yam, lemon basil, and condensed milk was an interesting blend of sweet and sour that marked the end of our sublime dining experience.

Masala Recommends

Our preference out of the two impressive drink pairings, the alcohol selection at Canvas helps curate an entirely different experience altogether. The notable collection of sake, wines, and cocktails elevate the merging of ingredients, from the rich, smooth notes of the Retsina Greca Terra NV, to the Lino Maga Montebuono 1997 with its fascinating history and notes of red fruit, each pairing is guaranteed to please even the most discerning gourmand, and personifies the very essence of Canvas’ creations: bold, brilliant, and unapologetically unique.


113, 9-10 Thonglor Road,

Klongton Nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm to 9.30pm

Tel: 099 614 1158

Email: ; ; or

Facebook: @Canvasbkk ; Instagram: @canvasbkk

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