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Bufe brings classic dishes from the streets of Turkey to the sois of Bangkok

by Masalathai Admin

Off to the Bazaar!

By Shaan Bajaj

When sampling a new cuisine I often try to seek out chefs who have extensive experience with the cuisine in order to enjoy an authentic dining experience. When I visited Turkish restaurant, Bufe, Chef Mustafa Taş explains how the establishment’s name is dedicated to the many canteens, small restaurants, and vendors in Turkey as they are commonly referred to as büfe locally. The flavours in Turkish cuisine are a product of its unique geographical landscape and rich history and includes Arab and Persian influences. Chef Mustafa is dedicated to bringing this authentic cuisine to the forefront in Bangkok by using Turkish produce and halal meat. Now open on the Chulalongkorn University campus, the restaurant offers food at an affordable price point, making it an ideal spot for students or individuals on a budget who are looking for delicious cuisine without having to compromise on flavour.

First Impressions

Located on the corner of a campus accommodation building, Bufe stood out thanks to a black and white canopy that sits under their restaurant sign. For those who enjoy dining outdoors, chairs and tables sit under the canopy, reminding me of quaint European-style cafés I’ve seen during my travels. Inside the restaurant, a tree sits in the center of the space with chairs and tables surrounding it and Turkish-inspired décor covering the walls. One such wall display was the landscapes of Cappadocia, complete with hot air balloons dotting the sky. After my arrival, restaurant manager, Kaewta Ditsataporn, welcomed me and pointed me in the direction of their counter. The digital screen above the counter displays items from the menu, making it easy to order your meal.

Food and Drink

On this occasion, we decided to dine indoors. We started with the Classic burger (THB 199) that featured a buttery halal beef patty topped with tomatoes, mayo, and ketchup. Chef Mustafa tells me this item is inspired by more traditional, American style burgers for those who want to stick to the familiar. You can choose to make it a meal with a beverage and fries for THB 260. After that we sampled two of their signature sandwiches: The rockin’ meatballs sandwich (THB 105) and Mideast feast falafel sandwich (THB 105). The former includes beef meatballs spiced with herbs, while the latter is a delicious vegan-friendly option made from chickpeas. For those who love eggs, their Artisan omelette (THB 105) sandwich and Egg wraps (THB 60)
are recommended.

Beyond these items, the menu also boasts several hot dogs (THB 80) with the option of three different types: the Peanut butter hot dog, Kimchi hot dog and Spicy hot dog. The first is topped with a creamy peanut butter dressing inspired by Thai flavours, while the Korean-style hot dog is flavourful with fun texture from the pickled kimchi in every bite, and the spicy hot dog lives up to its name thanks to the generous helping of jalapeños. If you’re a vegetarian, their menu also includes a few Turkish delicacies worth trying. We had the opportunity to sample the Bulgur salad (THB 60) cooked with tomato paste and Turkish bulgur grains. It was a great balance of sweet, sour, and spicy which I found to be particularly delicious. Another dish made from fine bulgur wheat is the Spicy cheekofte wrap (THB 105). The cheekofte filling has a nutty, sour yet spicy flavour, and the decision to wrap it up inside of a tortilla with vegetables and corn chips made for a hearty dish.

Once we ate our way through most of the menu, it was time for dessert. As I took a spoonful of their 3 milk cake (THB 60), the creamy, rich sponge melted in my mouth making for a dessert worth trying. The Rice pudding (THB 60) was equally as tasty. To drink, we tried two different variations of a refreshing yoghurt beverage called Fresh & healthy, known locally in Turkey as Ayran, (THB 50) in the flavours of strawberry and rose. In regards to other refreshments, the restaurant also offers soft drinks and coffee.

Masala Recommends

The Taksim burger (THB 99) is a popular late night snack found in Istanbul, and if you ever get the chance to visit the city, you will see many vendors in Taksim Square serving up these ‘wet burgers’. What makes this burger unique is that the slider-sized buns are covered in a tomato and oregano sauce before being placed inside of a steam box until it’s ready to be served. The soft buns are then filled with a well-spiced, Turkish-style beef patty that is incredibly juicy. Definitely a must try if you find yourself at Bufe!

Bufe BKK

Shop 23, 1st floor of building C, CU ihouse International, Bangkok, Thailand 10330

Open daily from 6:30am to 6pm

Tel: 083 628 2636

Facebook and Instagram: Bufebkk

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