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Bride and groom ask guests to wash their own dishes after they ‘blew their budget’

by Ashima

Let that sink in…

By Ashima Sethi

A definite horror story by Indian community standards, a Reddit post went viral over the weekend detailing how an unnamed American bride and groom decided to skip out on the extra fees for their wedding by forcing their guests to wash their own dishes at the reception…



According to one of the bride’s relatives, the couple had overspent significantly on the wedding location and their attire and had to quickly figure out ways to save money. Therefore, they made the decision to make the reception a ‘self-catered’ event and have all the guests chip in with cleaning up.

The anonymous woman claimed that the couple could only afford to feed three-quarters of the party, an unfortunate discovery that arose when guests were asked to form a line for the buffet. While some who were early in the queue were able to access the food, others were forced back into their seats empty-handed after they were told that there as no more food available. It was also reported that they didn’t purchase enough cake for everyone either.


Once ‘dinner’ (if you can call it that) concluded, the maid of honour approached a few of the guests and asked them to follow her into the kitchen. Keep in mind, with the ongoing heat waves in the United States, the kitchen was extremely hot, stuffy, and not the place for anyone dressed up for a wedding. She then showed the guests a stack of cutlery and dishes and asks them to wash them, as the concept of a ‘self-catered’ wedding means that the dishware had been rented without the service staff required to keep them clean.

Safe to say many of the guests were not pleased by the couple’s penny pinching ways, which reinforces the importance of prioritising and budgeting your wedding way ahead of time!

Add this example to what NOT to do!

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