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Bling it On!

by Ashima

As bespoke jewellery gains popularity, Nakrin Kanijoun cashes tin on her passion by starting her own brand KarinMaison.

By Gurleen Khanijoun Chawla

Nakrin Kanijoun initially pursued a bachelor’s degree in fashion design at Accademia Italiana Thailand. However, her love for jewellery inspired her to shift gear and fully focus on creating pieces from scratch. Once this pastime became a full-time endeavour, Nakrin couldn’t have been happier. “My jewellery isn’t just about me,” she smiles. “It’s about my customers, and their love for it.”   

Tell us about the girl behind the KarinMaison brand?

A passionate shopper, an enthusiastic look book stalker, an Instagram addict and, most of all, a fanatic of handmade products.

What inspired this girl to launch her own jewellery brand on social media?

Since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed making my own jewellery. I started experimenting with different designs and my friends loved them. I wanted to start with something small, so I decided to launch my own brand on Instagram and Facebook. I’m currently planning to launch my products on other shopping sites as well.

So how does KarinMaison stand out from other online brands?

My products don’t have one personality, they have many. I update my collection based on upcoming trends and a lot of research. Many times, my customers help me design them based on what they enjoy wearing. It’s not off-the-rack jewellery, but rather accessories that show their personality. The products are then made from materials that may seem simple on their own, but once assembled, are truly unique.

How did you come up with your brand name?

Karin is a part of my name, whereas Maison means home in French. Because a lot of my creations are customised based on my customers’ preferences, we talk a lot, and when we do, I want them to feel at home.

You design and create every piece yourself in your workshop at home. How did you learn to assemble accessories?

I have been playing with beads for as long as I can remember. Whenever my mum and sister needed to fix their jewellery, I would do it. There are also various techniques I learn from YouTube, such as soldering.   

What is your creative process like?

I usually begin by stalking a lot of look books online, attending runway shows, window shopping and people watching. Once or twice a week, I visit many markets around Bangkok to source my materials. Whenever I travel, I even collect small beads to launch a special collection. I’m just back from Italy, where I bought back glass beads from Murano. I haven’t started designing that collection yet, but I’m looking forward to working on it.

Do you have any favourite colours you like to use?

Yes! I personally love pearls coupled with gold and silver. They are timeless.

Have your designs changed over the years?

I used to always stick to just a single look. However, over the years, I realised that your brand can’t just have one personality. So, I experimented with more luxurious materials and, as a result, became more confident about using pieces such as real silver, pearls and so on.

Who buys your brand?

Honestly, I can’t pin down a particular age group. One thing all my clients seem to have in common is that they appreciate handmade products, and they really want to be part of the design process. So, together we create an exclusive accessory. As a designer, I need to appreciate every customer’s individuality.

What is your price point?

It really depends on the ornaments. Some earrings cost TH 150, while a necklace can cost THB 6,000.

You are also currently working for your father’s company. What is it that you do?

I currently handle the online marketing platform, across all the car brands in the AMG Group.

So do you see KarinMaison as a part-time endeavour or a full-time business?

I hope I can continue to pursue KarinMaison as a full-time business. I love what I do, and I’m so fortunate that everyone around me supports my dream.

How do you balance two jobs?

By receiving a lot of love from my family and working late into the night. A lot of the time, I sketch designs as they come to me. I never wait until later. During the evenings, I go into my workshop and experiment with new ideas. Sometimes, I even assemble my jewellery while watching series with my husband.

What are your future aspirations for your brand?

To take part in a prestigious runway show like Bangkok Fashion Week! That is really my dream of all dreams. However, for now I just want to keep seeing my designs on as many Facebook and Instagram profiles as possible. Seeing my clients enjoying my creations gives me the greatest joy.

Browse KarinMaison’s latest collection on Instagram at karinmaison, or visit her Facebook: @KarinMaisonTH

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