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Bling, Baaja, Baraat: Top Wedding Food Ideas for 2023

by Aiden

Bon Appétit!

By Kripa Singh

We’ve all heard the old adage: the best way to the heart is through the stomach. Turns out the statement stands true for weddings too, as the food you serve at your nuptials is arguably the most important part of the celebrations. 

To make your menu memorable, I’ve rounded up some creative wedding food ideas. From plated meals to interactive dessert installations, these trends will leave your guests with full hearts and fuller stomachs!

Personalised Menus 

The food at your wedding can tell a story about you, your relationship, and your families. You can add a personal touch to your wedding menu by adding your favourite dishes and marking them as signature items. If you ate tacos on your first date, include them in your menu. Be sure to add a note stating, “What they ate on their first date.” It’s a fun and personal way for your guests to learn about you. 

If you and your partner are from different cultural backdrops, try to incorporate each other’s cuisines into your menu. This will increase the variety in the food you serve, and will be a great way to introduce your guests to your heritage. 

Pro tip: Printing menus for each table will ensure your guests know what food they can expect, and you can note the significance of the signature dishes.  

Grazing Tables 

Who doesn’t love a delicious spread of cheese, charcuterie, and seasonal vegetables? Grazing tables are a trendy, family-style food presentation, ideal for an intimate event. 

A well-curated tablescape of food can be perfect for a daytime Mehendi or a cocktail hour, so guests can mingle while they nibble on crudités and dips. Grazing tables not only offer an expansive variety of food, but also add a vibrant aesthetic to your event. Head to Pinterest to check out some mouthwatering inspiration. 

Food Installations

Food presentation is a key part of dining. Make your guests’ experience unforgettable by synchronising your food and decor. For example, create a row of colourful hawkers serving Indian street food or transport your wedding guests to a farmers’ market by filling a table with fresh produce, warm bread, and sunflowers. If you want to opt for a fun dessert experience, you can set up a doughnut wall from which guests can pick their favourite flavour. 

Food Trucks 

People love their comfort food – on a couch or at a wedding. Whether it’s burgers, khao man gai, or gelato, food trucks are a fun and unique way to serve comfort food. Ideal for a pool party, Baraat, or late-night celebration, you can strike a deal with your favourite truck and have them park at your venue for the day. 

Pro tip: Some venues may not allow outside food. Remember to get permission first. 

Plated Meals

A traditional and formal option, plated meals are becoming popular in the world of Indian weddings. A sit-down dinner with courses being served to each guest could create an intimate environment for a reception. If you want to be extra innovative, you can add an ethnic twist to your plated meal and give your guests a decadent thali experience, complete with Indian food from the region of your choice. 

Pro tip: If you’re opting for plated meals, be sure to create a seating plan. It’s a tedious task but it means that every guest is well taken care of. 

Kripa Singh is a wedding decor designer and aesthete with a love for good books, dogs and a cup of tea.

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