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Bling, Baaja, Baraat: Five Out-of-the-Box Wedding Venues

by Aiden

Ballrooms? Been there, done that.

By Kripa Singh

Everyone wants to make their wedding unique. Whether it’s the bespoke décor, the niche food, or the personalised service, couples are all seeking a way to curate an original experience. But if you’re really ready to think outside the box, you can begin by choosing an unconventional wedding venue.

Thailand is home to many breathtaking locations for your nuptials, from pristine nature reserves to rustic vineyards. So if you want to stray off the beaten path, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of five out-of-the-box wedding venues:

Nestled in Nature

The best way to choose your unconventional wedding venue is by thinking about your personality, your interests, and where you like to spend time. If you and your partner like spending time in the great outdoors, why not let Mother Nature be a key part of your big day?

Take your pick from Thailand’s picturesque beaches, mountains, and national parks. Go north to tie the knot amidst the foliage in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, or go south to Khao Sok National Park for nuptials overlooking the ocean and limestone caves. Not only will it be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but you’ll also frame your vows with a jaw-dropping backdrop.

Estates and Vineyards

Natural lighting, saturated colours, and beautiful al fresco moments are just a few reasons to host a wedding at a vineyard. Not to mention you can enjoy some local wine while toasting to your celebration! Khao Yai is home to some of the most charming wineries in Thailand, such as Issara Winery. You can hold your wedding ceremony overlooking the rolling hills, following dinner festivities indoors for a warmer ambiance. The rustic charm and natural barrel decor can also add a fun touch to the design.

The Concrete Jungle

If you want to avoid managing the logistics involved with a destination wedding, but don’t want a generic ballroom celebration, Bangkok has plenty to offer. The metropolitan city boasts some of the best rooftop bars with panoramic views of the concrete jungle.

With ample space, rooftop venues offer a blank canvas to design your big day. From a modern aesthetic with a monotone colour scheme, to a vibrant celebration with colourful floral arrangements, there are so many ways to elevate the space to make it memorable. The best part is you won’t need to do much to impress your guests. The skyline will do it for you. 

Sailing Away

If you and your partner love being around water, then hosting your wedding on a boat may be ideal. Whether you choose an intimate ceremony on a yacht in Samui or a grand event on a luxury five-night cruise, you can sail into the sunset while taking your rounds.

Studio Spaces 

The best part about having a wedding at a studio or art gallery is truly the ease of planning it. Spaces like The Apothecary Venueand Benedict Studio in Bangkok offer in-house planning services. What’s more, is that many of these venues possess a strong existing aesthetic – whether it’s a Wes Anderson-style vibe, or an ornate interior reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles. You can save on your décor and just opt for artfully-curated floral arrangements for a festive feel.

Kripa Singh is a wedding decor designer and aesthete with a love for good books, dogs and a cup of tea.

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