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Bling, Baaja, Baraat: 5 Hidden Wedding Costs You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

by Aiden

You can’t stick to your wedding budget unless you know what to budget for!

By Kripa Singh

Weddings are expensive and budgeting is a key part of planning your nuptials. The venue, outfits, food, alcohol, and décor are some of the key areas on which you will probably spend money. But no matter how meticulously you allocate your wedding funds, there may be some costs that seem to arise out of the blue. These forgotten expenses could toss your initial budget out the window. Here are some of the most commonly- hidden or forgotten wedding costs.

Late Finish

If you’re planning on partying till late, you’ll have to shell out extra for it. Most venues require late- night or after-party revenues. If your event continues past midnight, you will likely need to pay more to utilise the venue and service staff.

How to avoid the cost: Be prepared to wind up your party early. Or, if you know your guests want to be on the dance floor till 3am, speak to the venue about meeting their revenue requirement by purchasing a late-night supper from them. At the very least you can get some french fries for the additional cost you’re paying. Your inebriated friends will be grateful.

Vendor Travel and Stay

Vendor logistics can amount to a significant amount, especially if you are hosting a destination wedding. Depending on the location, there will be the cost of road travel or flights to the venue. Furthermore, if the vendor is required over two or more days, you will need to take care of their accommodation and meals. But remember to be generous with taking care of your service providers and wedding makers. They work hard to put together your wedding, and if you appreciate their efforts, they will probably go the extra mile for you.

How to avoid the cost: Try to choose vendors who are based near your wedding venue or ask about any travel fees upfront so you know what to expect.

Band Requirements

A band or musician will quote you their performance fee. But there is the additional cost of providing the equipment they will require for their gig. If your reception space is extra large, additional speakers, microphones, and lighting could be required to project the best sound quality and aesthetic.

How to avoid the cost: Before booking your band or DJ, you need to discuss the layout of the space and understand the performer’s technical requirements. If they need extra equipment, let them explain why it’s necessary before having them onboard.

Thank You Gifts and Favours

You’ll likely be receiving a lot of gifts as a newlywed couple, but you’ll also need to give quite a few gifts in the process. From gifts for family members to thank you tokens for all the guests, the give and take can amount to a fair bit. It’s important to factor it into your total budget.

How to avoid the cost: You can find thank-you tokens at a wide range of price points. Focus on gifts that are sentimental rather than expensive. For family members, keep a lookout in the early planning stage so that you can pick wisely and find value for money.

Fancy Furniture

Most venues provide you with standard banquet chairs and round tables. But if you are trying to achieve a particular aesthetic, you need to account for furniture rental costs. Lounge sofas, Tiffany chairs, acrylic highboy tables, and glass charger plates come at a separate cost.

How to avoid the cost: Speak to your décor designer about the overall concept for each event, and allow them to suggest furniture that complements the overall look. Based on this, ask your décor team to provide a separate estimate for the furniture.

Kripa Singh is a wedding decor designer and aesthete with a love for good books, dogs and a cup of tea.

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