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Bangkok’s most unique pizza delivery flavours that can’t be topped

by Aiden

They’ll be sure to win a pizza your heart!

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

While dine-ins may be allowed again at limited capacity, sometimes all we knead is an entire pizza to pig out on in our pyjamas. But with Bangkok’s smorgasbord of pizza delivery options, even ordering in can be overwhelming. Fear not, because while we may not be pizza aficionadoughs, we’ve certainly had our slice of the action and we’ve put together a curated list of the city’s most unusual pizza flavours to make your choice as easy as, well, pie. Here are some that you can order right to your doorstep – because, like any of the pizza puns liberally sprinkled throughout this piece, it’s all about the delivery.

Watch Masala’s first ever taste test video above!

Genovese (starting at THB 355) from Pizza Mania

One of my all-time favourites, this New York-style pizza comes loaded with mozzarella, feta cheese, baby spinach, and the pièce de résistance, a liberal swirl of pesto with just the right consistency – neither too thick nor too greasy, but packed with flavour. You’ll be sure to get your five-a-day with this vegetarian crowd-pleaser (I can attest that it’s consistently been a party hit), and with its toppings of sun-dried and cherry tomatoes, even their 20-inch pie will be here today, gone tomato because it’s moreish beyond belief.
Facebook: @PizzaManiaThailand

Pizza tom yam (THB 402) from Big Mama Pizzeria Italian Food

Any way you slice it, tom yum is a quintessential Thai staple, so why not mix two classics and put it on top of a pizza? Fans of seafood, this one’s for you – it’s topped with a tempting array of shrimp, squid, and fish, while notes of that distinct tom yum seasoning come through with each bite, which I didn’t think would be easy with the usual trappings of mozzarella and tomato sauce. The thin crust pairs well with this option, as it doesn’t overwhelm that zaap flavour that we all know and love.
Facebook: @BigMama.Pizzeria

Krapao (Starting at THB 270) from Vizza

I’ll admit that I started out as a sceptic of vegan pizzas, because what’s pizza without a generous helping of melted cheese? However, Vizza’s offerings have won a pizza my heart, and their Krapao option, with omnipork krapao, bird’s eye chilli, and holy basil, is a team favorite. Spiced well without being overwhelming, the Thai flavours are authentic and the mock-meat convincing, and even I, cheese fanatic that I am, could hardly tell that the shredded ‘mozzarella’ wasn’t real cheese. 
Facebook: @vizzabkk

Lebanese lamb (Starting at THB 350) from Soho Pizza

If you’re thinking of doing a small group meat-up at home or in the office, then I can’t recommend this pizza enough. Opt for Soho Pizza’s magnificent18-inch pie size so that you can really savour the lamb sausage topping, generously spiced with the archetypal Lebanese spice blend, with cherry tomatoes and mint that cut through the aromatic blend of flavours. The entire pie is replete with a liberal drizzle of Greek yoghurt, which complements the gamey meat and keeps the whole affair light and well-balanced.
Facebook: @sohopizzabkk

Butter paneer (THB 220) from Red Pizza Bangkok

If you’re in the mood for some garam masala (and who isn’t) but still craving pizza, then this one’s for you. Red Pizza Bangkok has an impressive selection of Indian-inspired flavours, but their Butter paneer is a vegetarian favourite. With its incredibly thin crust, the silky-smooth gravy is the star of the show, and the butter paneer is a surprisingly effective substitution for the usual mozzarella cheese.
Facebook: @RedPizzaBKK

Gorgonzola pere e noci (Starting at THB 340) from Peppina

Another one bites the crust! With its Neopolitan- style offerings, Peppina’s pizzas are authentically baked, with that distinctive, hand-kneaded dough that’s airy and adoughed by lovers of Italian pizza everywhere. Probably the most unusual option of the lot, this flavour packs a punch with its gorgonzola cheese, and while fruit on pizza might be anathema to many, I was converted by that first crunch of pear, whose subtle sweetness, well, pears perfectly with the cheese and walnuts.
Facebook: @peppinapizza

Pizza Mama Chili (Bomba) (THB 289) from Big Mama Pizzeria Italian Food

A special mention to the Pizza Mama Chili (Bomba) (THB 289) from Big Mama Pizzeria Italian Food, which is a mouthful in more ways than one. While the abundance of fresh chopped chillies seems intimidating at first, the proportion of spice is perfect, and the simplicity of the ingredients belies the balance of Thai flavours that had us all coming back for seconds and thirds.
Facebook: @BigMama.Pizzeria

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