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Amazon Prime Video’s Thai-Indian Production

by Mahmood Hossain

Streaming for the Ex.

Masala had the opportunity to attend Amazon Prime Video Thailand’s new campaign event “Unbox Thai Entertainment” at the Gaysorn Tower on 2 October. Guests were treated to an exclusive look into Prime Video’s slate of 13 new and robust projects, consisting of feature films, TV series, and concerts. However, within this celebration of local talent, a particular title stands out from the rest: Congrats My Ex!

A Benetone Films project, Congrats My Ex! is a wonderful blend of Thai filmmaking and a splash of Bollywood flavours. The story revolves around the lead protagonist Risa (played by Ranee Campen), who is struggling to keep her wedding planning business afloat by avoiding bankruptcy. Desperately seeking to find a solution, she reluctantly accepts a grand Indian wedding in order to keep her business alive. So, what’s the catch? The groom of this particular big fat Indian wedding happens to be her unresolved ex-boyfriend Arun (Mahir Pandhi). To make things more complicated, she has to enlist the help of another ex, Tim (Vachirawit Chivaaree).

Over three days of a roller coaster of emotions, tossed into various cultural ceremonies, Risa’s journey through love, laughter, and rediscovery will be a sight to behold by the end of a vibrant Indian wedding extravaganza.

Be sure to check out Congrats My Ex! on 23 November only on Amazon Prime Video.

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