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Affordable skincare brands to stop you from making rash decisions

by Aiden

It’s a skin-win situation!

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

A real topical issue: what products can counter age, UV-rays, the effects of pollution, and the dreaded maskne without breaking the bank? To stop you from committing the mortal skin of avoiding a skincare regimen altogether, we’ve put together a list of local brands that are both effective and affordable (by that we mean, a serum should set you back less than THB 1,000).

A favourite of Thai beauty-bloggers, Lansley is available in Beauty Buffet stores, and has a plethora of anti-aging or revitalising products. We recommend any of their Vitamin C serum range (starting from THB 270), which are touted to lift years from your face (without you gaining them back after seeing your skincare bill).

Available at any Boots store, don’t discount this local favourite just because it’s discounted. Focusing on 100 percent organic, plant-based ingredients, they have a range of oils, serums, and creams for all skin types. Their Botanics Nourishing Facial Oil (THB 300) will lock in moisture for hours – vital when you’re in all-day A/C.

Relatively new on the Thai skincare scene, Bangkok Soap Opera lives up to its name with its seemingly-endless series of masks, creams, and serums, all under their 100 percent chemical-free philosophy. Their Detox Serum – Tea Tree & Rosemary (THB 270) is especially effective in preventing breakouts and inflammation.

If maskne has been a recent pain in your…face, this brand’s for you. Sourced from local ingredients like tamarind and honey, we recommend their Puchmary Acne Gel (starting at THB 390) which reduces inflammation within 12 hours and is especially recommended for cystic acne.

Boasting clinical, customised formulas, Fundamental Skin offers products for every step of that mythical 12-step skincare regimen, from cleansing to sunscreen. If, like me, you’re intrigued by retinol serum’s hype on social media, here’s your chance to check out an affordable option: their Advanced Retinol (Retinoid 3%) is only THB 490.

Special mention to The Ordinary (@the.ordinaryreal)The Inkey List (@theinkeylist), and Himalaya (@himalaya_productss), which aren’t local brands but offer quality, affordable products available at your local Sephora or on online platforms like iHerb. The former two are renowned for inexpensive skincare in the UK, while the latter was created by an Indian founder who’s brought his quest for herbal wellness to over 100 countries.

Disclaimer: all images were taken from their respective brands, and belong to them.

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