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by Webmaster Masala

Swasti Tak’s love of ease allows her own brand of jewellery to literally shine.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

Easy-Breezy With Gucci

Exuding confidence in her signature look, Swasti pairs comfort and effortless chic with a French tucked blouse from Zara, American Eagle jeans, Steve Madden sneakers, a Gucci belt, and earrings of her own design to add that extra touch of glam.

No muss, no fuss, that’s my style,” 22-year-old jewellery designer Swasti Tak says with a smile that rivals the summer sun. “I love to stay comfortable in what I’m wearing, which is what clothes should be all about. Especially in this weather!”

Despite her resolve to stay “chill” in the Bangkok heat, Swasti likes to bring a touch of understated elegance to her wardrobe. Born in India but brought up in Thailand, Swasti went straight to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California after graduation, so she’s seen a whole range of aesthetics over the years. Although her fashion sense has evolved, from her tomboyish childhood garb to a breezier SoCal style, she realised comfort was paramount in choosing what to wear while still retaining some glitz.

It’s what led her to starting her own jewellery brand, Swasti Jewelry. Motivated by her family jewellery business, Columbin Stone, Swasti channels her love of art into her own designs.

I design what I like to wear,” she says, “so I know that they’re comfortable while still being sophisticated, and they can fit all occasions.” She says that anything can inspire her — from the geometric architecture in Bangkok to the scenes of nature in her own backyard. True to her love of the classics, she uses gold, white gold, and diamonds, for that timeless look.

Being able to design something for others is partly a tribute to Swasti’s own fashion inspiration, her dad. “When we were younger, my dad would make us change if he didn’t like an outfit — sometimes 10 times or more!” Swasti recalls fondly,

He still does this today.” Without him, she would not have the effortless style that she carries with her so easily. She goes to jewellery exhibitions with him, and knowing they share the same sophisticated but relaxed look gives her that boost of confidence she needs.

Swasti’s Wardrobe Essentials

Jewellery from Swasti Jewelry:

I’m more comfortable wearing something I’ve designed because I know it’ll fit my aesthetic perfectly.”

Wallet from Coach

Business cards: “You never know when a business opportunity will arise.

Splendid perfume from Bvlgari: “It’s my favourite scent right now. It stays on for ages.

Glasses from Calvin Klein

When shopping for her wardrobe, Swasti likes a mix of good-quality brands and street shopping in Siam Square Market or Bangrak Bazaar. “It’s not about the brands.

I think about two things when I shop: colour and the weather,” Swasti explains, “although I always choose my jeans from American Eagle.” When asked about fashion advice for our readers, Swasti is quick with a reply: “Wear all the colours possible. Keep changing your style and wear what makes you comfortable, not what anyone else wants you to wear.

Work Culture

For work or family occasions, Swasti dons more traditional wear, but with a modern twist. Bought from Westside in Jaipur, this ecru kurti with playful floral accents pairs seamlessly with white jeans, chandelier earrings from Swasti Jewelry, and heels à la mode from Aldo.

Charming Exhibitor

Jewellery exhibitions require extra pizzazz, which Swasti brings with a blush pink and ivory lace ensemble paired with a beige sleeveless coat from Guess. White heels, pearls of her own design, and a Guess purse complete her professional mien so she can exhibit her jewelled charms…with charm.

To view her designs, follow Swasti on Instagram: @swasti_jewelry

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