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A Wonder from Down Under

by Webmaster Masala

Head to the trendy modern Australian restaurant, Odtomato, for a fresh perspective.

By Shruti Kothari

Belying it’s discreet location in Sukhumvit Soi 24, Odtomato is buzzing with activity. As soon as you enter, the combined pale and dark wood fittings exude a sense of warmth, brightened by floor-to-ceiling windows which flood the space with mellow sunlight. The clean lines of the furniture are balanced with artfully placed elements, like a ladder, or wooden crates, for an eclectic aesthetic. Pops of blue, whether glossy, matte, or translucent, bring colour to the whole, lending an almost rustic, nautical vibe to the venue.

The space is split into three; these sections can be cordoned off to host private parties with ease. While you can eat or drink anywhere, the first section presents more as a restaurant, and the second is replete with checkered flooring, a sweeping natural wood bar, and from Tuesday to Friday, a live band which performs in both English and Thai. Outside is a cosy al fresco spot for those who want to enjoy the fresh air. Just as you can select which atmosphere best suits your mood, you can also choose the type of seating that will fit the occasion best. There are cushy booths, open tables, and my favourite, a long central table for social dining. Here, whether you come alone or with friends, you can mingle and make merry with new people, which for me, is what elevates Odtomato from a simple dining spot, to a truly interactive experience to remember.

On this note, I must also mention that the Odtomato team were incredibly accommodating; they were friendly rather than formal, which added to the youthful, fuss-free feeling. The no-plastic policy, the glass-door fridges proudly displaying fresh produce, and the open kitchen enhanced the sense of transparency and community. Chef Tawan, the mind behind the menu, explained that food was a large part of culture, and thus, he prioritised feelings over flavours. “If a guest has any kind of dietary requirements or preferences, we have plenty of ingredients on hand to ensure that their meal is just as exciting.”

Food and Drink

I must admit to some initial hesitation, as I am a vegetarian, and had heard that Odtomato caters mainly to meat-lovers. While they do have plenty of non-vegetarian options, I had a plethora of choice and each dish was delightful. I started with the Wild mushrooms (THB 300) soup, which was velvety and light on dairy for an earthier palate. The warmth and aroma were extra enticing as it rained outside. The soup is laced with truffle, and comes with glossy, super-soft brioche, spread with truffle pate for even more flavour.

Next was the Burrata bread (THB 455). Although it is under the pizza section, it is in fact a platter. The bread has a crust so crisp it cracks, to reveal a surprisingly light centre. It provides the perfect vehicle for the cheese, which is local but tastes like it’s from Puglia; it comes with small bowls of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper so you can dress it to taste. You must order the optional Spicy tomato sauce (THB 150), because it’s so vibrant that it takes burrata to a different dimension. I strongly advise you to order this dish at the beginning, so that long after the cheese and bread are finished, you can continue to add the sauce to just about anything, like we did. If you must try only one thing, let it be this.

The team recommend the Avocado & crab salad (THB 590), which was balanced and offered a fun mix of textures. The curry flavour was surprisingly light on the palate, enhancing and not overwhelming the tender crab. I enjoyed the Cauliflower & broccoli salad (THB 275), which was sweet, wholesome, and light. It provided a very different flavour profile, and was visually intriguing with purple cauliflower imported from Italy.

If you’re like me and believe there is no such thing as too much truffle, go for the Truffle(THB 625) pizza. The crisp base is covered in luxurious shavings of parmesan and fragrant fresh truffle, engaging each of your five senses. For the perfect finish, save your crust for that spicy tomato sauce. As I could not seem to get enough of that last, the chef kindly prepared Arrabiata (THB 345) for me, with al dente bucatini, creamy mozzarella and sweet basil to balance out the notes of chilli.

For meat-lovers, the team recommends the Lamb rack (THB 950), which combines the succulence of melt-off-the-bone meat with green peas, mint, and garlic, for an elegant take on a comforting classic. They also liked the Roasted halibut (THB 775), which was flaky and delicate, with asparagus and morel mushrooms to blend the flavours of the land and sea.

Complete your meal with the Date pudding (THB 300). A favourite recipe of the mother-son duo who own the restaurant, this rich cake, drizzled over with maple, honey, and butterscotch sauce, incorporates subtle notes of Earl Grey tea and a hint of salt. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I finished this myself and could have gone for more.

Clearly apparent from the gamut of varieties arranged at the bar, Odtomato serves a large selection of draft and bottled beers, wines, signature cocktails, and classics both on and off the menu. They have also curated a list of non-alcoholic beverages like Pomegranate vanilla soda (THB 125) to delight all diners.


68/2 Park 24 Building, Sukhumvit Soi 24, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Open daily from 6pm to 1am

Tel: 094 312 2355

Facebook: @odtomato

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