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A peek into SEARA Sports Systems’ Brunswick Showroom, which is a study in sophisticated recreation

by Aiden

How they marry elegance and entertainment in their space and equipment.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

Here at SEARA Sports Systems, we sell experiences,” the company’s Director of Sales and Business Development, Sutouch Vongsuksiri, once told me. Stepping back into their Brunswick Showroom for an exclusive Masala event designed to exhibit SEARA’s more recreational offerings to Thai- Indian billiards enthusiasts, I can’t help but agree. From the sweeping panoramic views of the city, to the plush grey carpeting, the wood- panelled walls, and the fully-stocked bar, the sprawling space screams luxury and sophistication – or rather, it whispers it, as your footfalls don’t make a single sound as you wander through. It’s immediately clear that every element in the room has been curated for clientele who value an elevated experience, from start to finish.

Of course, for a showroom as select as this one, the products on display must also be of a certain calibre, and Brunswick’s equipment certainly doesn’t disappoint. Created in 1845, Brunswick touts their “superior craftsmanship and innovation,” and is a household name worldwide when it comes to their ‘Active Recreation’ products, spanning billiard or pool tables, to shuffleboard tables, foosball, and even, I was surprised to learn, air hockey. In SEARA’s showroom, the different types of equipment take centre stage, displayed invitingly under chic industrial lighting, with plenty of room for intrigued visitors to put each through their paces, which we did with gusto.

The billiard tables, of course, attracted the pool sharks like moths to a flame, with many exclaiming over the solid craftsmanship, elegant design, and sophisticated finishes. This came as no surprise after I was informed that Brunswick tables are of tournament accuracy, meeting or exceeding the expectations of the World Pool-Billiard Association, among others. The Brixton table, with its natural, rough-hewn frame and unique base received a fair amount of attention, while I was especially taken by their shuffleboards, with silky smooth boards that lend itself to such precision that I would credit it more than beginner’s luck in the game I won. Looking around at the merriment and skill on display during the event, the showroom’s vision was obvious: not only to demonstrate the kind of space that the equipment would fit best in – hotels, games rooms, ‘man caves,’ communal condominium leisure centres, as well as pubs and restaurant lounges – but to showcase the role they could play in bringing people together in convivial competition.

Almost works of art in themselves, the equipment was shown off to best light in the space, while stylish wall racks that match their respective pool tables lined the room, allowing visitors to see the kind of sophisticated design they can achieve in their own quarters. As the night progressed and guests were more confident in trying out all the different products, I asked a few for their thoughts on both the space and the equipment:


“The space is a great display of SEARA’s array of products, and I was told that it’s not even five percent of what the company represents, which is pretty mind-boggling. Brunswick is a great brand – it’s synonymous with pool and pool halls, but I didn’t know till today that they did shuffleboards and foosball or poker tables, and that’s impressive. As a player, the equipment is fantastic. The finishings are unique, while the felt and the stitching is great – I’d say the smoothness of the felt, and the solid base, are really what stand out. Basically, it’s not your standard pool table; it’s solid, well-constructed, and clearly top of the line. I don’t know any other brand that’s better than this; the best pool halls I’d been to all had Brunswick tables.

“I’d love to have something like this in the shared leisure space in our condo, which has around 350-400 families. Incremental costs on the maintenance overall per family would be nothing to have one nice pool table, and it’ll surely create a sense of community, where you can engage with neighbours that you would otherwise not talk to.”


“These are superb tables. They roll perfectly, and wherever you want to place your shot, you can place it perfectly. They’re not too hard, or too soft, they’re ideal. These are the best tables in the world, basically! I’d imagine that they’d fit best in a bar or pub in Thailand, or in fitness centres. Even in the many mansions in the city – there will surely be people who have everything that will want one of these tables as an addition to their home!”


“What stood out to me the most about these tables is how smooth the felt is. The table is extremely stable, so you can plan exactly where your shot goes. It’s a well-known brand, perfect for homes or condos, and if you want to play, you’ll want to play on a good table, or else what’s the point?”

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