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A Healthy Portion

by Webmaster Masala

Guilt-free dining has never been as fun, flavourful, and downright convenient as at getfresh.

By Shruti Kothari

While Dressed was a firm favourite for healthy eaters across the city, its evolution into getfresh has far transcended the oversimplified low-carb concept to bring ethics, sustainability, tailored nutrition, and sheer deliciousness to the table. Sid Sehgal, mastermind behind both, has been working with a dedicated team including two nutritionists and two chefs to bring you a thoughtful menu which uplifts old bestsellers, and includes a plethora of brand new options to nourish and delight. Even better, getfresh incorporates more organic, local ingredients, some of which are grown at the brand’s own farms.

First Impressions

Where Dressed took on a more clinical approach to decor with clean lines and white themes, getfresh is bursting with good cheer. Foliage, a yellow accent wall, and a ‘Grab & Go’ section add to the upbeat vibe, and an open kitchen reminds you of the joint’s commitment to clean eating.

Food and Drink

Each menu item comes with not only a calorie count, but also the amount of protein, fat, and carbs you will be consuming, so diners can make informed choices about their nutrition intake depending on their chosen health and diet goals. We started with their protein-rich Eggs section. The Mushroom frittata (THB 240), served in a hot pan, is well-seasoned and satisfying, with baked mozzarella and tomatoes to give it that gourmet finish. It comes with a zesty tomato chutney and wild rocket salad for a balance of textures on the palate. I recommend the Detox hangover (THB 110) to go with this dish, as the aloe, cucumber, watermelon, and mint concoction is airy and deeply hydrating.

Another standout dish was the Granola bowl, made with thick Greek yoghurt, tart berries, and cinnamon granola for an intriguing, wholesome bite. It’s rare to find a fruit-and-yoghurt bowl that isn’t cloyingly sweet, which is what made this bowl special for me.

If you’re in the mood for something with more crunch and texture, I recommend the Heirloom tomato, avocado and wild rocket (THB 220) open sandwich, which comes with fresh herbs, a kick of balsamic, and a generous dollop of guacamole to clinch the deal. Try this with the refreshing Mango tango (THB 100), which has hints of green apple and orange for a tangier variation on the icy local classic.

Alongside the more typical panino varieties like Margherita (THB 150), getfresh exhibits international flair with the Cubano (THB 340) and the Tandoori chicken (THB 150). Each panino is accompanied by root vegetable crisps and the house tomato chutney to complete the meal. My favourite sandwich option, however, was the Naked Beyond burger (THB 350), which swaps out bread for crisp lettuce, enhancing the flavour of the vegan patty where a normal bun would dampen it. The tomato, mango salsa, and pickle ensure this option is anything but boring. Because of the light nature of this burger, the full-bodied Chocolate hazelnut butter (THB 140) protein shake, which incorporates vanilla whey protein, yoghurt, and banana, makes for a great pairing.

While any salad with the house sundried tomato vinaigrette is a win in my books, the Roasted pumpkin salad (THB 170), which accentuates the natural sweetness of the root vegetable with honey balsamic dressing, cut with salty feta and wild rocket, comes near the top of my list, too.

For a main with a bit more heft, however, choose the Spinach ravioli (THB 250). The pasta parcels are stuffed with organic spinach and a leaner ricotta, which does not detract from the full flavour of the dish at all. Enrobed in a tangy fresh tomato and basil sugo, given more umami oomph by roasted garlic cloves and savoury parmesan cheese, each morsel is a delight. Finish your meal with the getfresh Coconut espresso (THB 120) for a whimsical take on the pick-me-up.

Masala Recommends

The Farm to table salad. We loved this dish so completely that we polished off two orders of it. The organic heirloom tomatoes and figs, both from the getfresh farm in Pranburi, are sweet and perfectly ripe. The textures are complemented by creamy Antica Luna mozzarella pearls, balanced with piquant basil, a tart aged balsamic, and proper extra virgin olive oil. It’s an innovative twist on a classic Caprese, and truly showcases the stunning quality of the raw produce at getfresh.

Couch Tomato

getfresh is available for delivery, in eco-friendly packaging, on GET, LINE, Foodpanda and Grab, so you can be kind to your body and the environment wherever you are.

Smarter Parties

Soup up your soiree with getfresh catering! Offerings include a plethora of live options like cold-pressed juices, pasta, paninis, coffee and smoothies, as well as canapes and crudites with fifteen getfresh salad dressings.



Ground floor, Samyan Mitrtown, 944 Rama IV Rd, Wang Mai, Bangkok 10330

Time: 10am to 10pm

Facebook or Instagram @getfreshth


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