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A guide to the local jewellery brands trending at the moment

by Ashima

If you’re looking for hidden treasures to add to your closet.

By Nafisa Singhsachathet

Thailand is home to a plethora of local jewellery brands with options spanning sustainable creations, bright funky pieces, and timeless items custom crafted from gold or silver. If you’re looking to accessorise but you’re not sure where to look, check out this list of the jewellery brands we love at the moment!

Gemster Thailand (pictured above) is a sustainable jewellery brand that specialises in items handcrafted in Bangkok. Located inside the Huachang Heritage Hotel, the brand offers items adorned with colourful jewels and gemstones set in 18k gold. Instagram: @gemster_thailand

Mizuchol Jewelry focuses on Thai silver jewellery, elevating their pieces using various natural stones and gems, making them safe for sensitive skin. Many of the items are delicate, so they’re perfect for simple everyday wear. Instagram: @mizuchol

Haus of Jewelry was launched by Thai designer Yolwaree Sathyanawin and has since become incredibly popular across the world. The brand specialises in unique, boho-chic jewellery crafted from gold, pearls, and small stones. Instagram: @hausofjewelry

Pattaraphan is a local brand that has risen to international fame, with the likes of Hailey Bieber wearing many of their pieces. The brand focuses on simple designs that are of premium quality, as the brand has noted that they want to preserve Thai heritage and support slow fashion, and their designs are produced in small quantities with locally sourced materials. Instagram: @pattaraphan

Thra Jewelry takes its inspiration from nature and the Earth, as ‘Thra’ means land in Thai, to create a refreshing take on contemporary jewellery designs. Their simple pieces are brought to life with the addition of pops of colour and unique stones, resulting in pieces that are truly one of a kind. Instagram: @thra_jewelry

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