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10 Indian content creators to follow on Instagram

by Ashima

Our round up of the reel-est deals on the social media platform.

By Simran Kaur

Originally launched in late 2019, Instagram’s new feature called Reels exploded on the map in Thailand in 2021. The option allows creators from all over the world to share snappy, entertaining videos that are no longer than 30 seconds in a similar vein to videos on TikTok. Whether it’s lip-syncing chart hits or movie dialogue, trying their hand at viral dance routines, cooking up a storm, or making relatable satirical videos, here are 10 content creators whose reels, reel-y won us over!

Shivani Bafna, @shivani_bafna

Best known for dancing to popular Bollywood hits and making relatable videos with her family, Shivani’s charismatic personality ensures that followers always come back for more. I personally can’t help but laugh every time I watch her reels! (Pictured above)  

Chef Kirti Bhoutika, @kirtibhoutika

From breakfast ideas to how to fulfil those sweet cravings, Chef Kirti’s reels are the go-to videos for easy-to-make, delicious dishes. Along with recipes, her reels also provide quick cooking and health tips for everyone wanting to stay fit!

Awez Darbar, @awez_darbar

Collaborating with many talented dancers and other content creators, Awez shows off his killer dance moves on his reels. With his unique dance routines, it’s no surprise that he’s danced with big names like Nora Fatehi!

Shivesh Bhatia, @shivesh17

Lockdown has brought out everyone’s obsession with baking, and Shivesh’s reels will definitely inspire you to make your own mouth-watering desserts. From red velvet cheesecake brownies to snowflake bread, it takes everything in me to not start baking as soon as I watch his videos.

Ronit Ashra, @ronit.ashra

Ronit is the creator to watch whenever you’re having a bad day. His entertaining reels mimicking TV characters will leave you laughing like no other and will leave you wanting more!  

Aashna Hegde, @aashnahedge

From her ultra-fashionable outfits to her trendy dances, Aashna’s content is perfect for energising your day. Her vibrant personality ensures that her reels will bring a smile to your face every time you watch them!

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, @radhidevlukia

Creating reels about mental health, motivation, and nourishment, Radhi spreads positive vibes to every viewer. Whether it’s videos about cooking up healthy recipes or relatable struggles in the face of staying motivated during these times, I believe they’re all worth watching!

Manav Chhabra, @mr.mnv

With his smooth dance moves and effortless creativity, Manav entertains everyone that comes across his page. Having gained a lot of traction, many of his reels include celebrities and other creators as well, collectively sharing everyone’s talent with us in the form of short, fun videos!

Pooja Mundhra Mahatme, @thecozyvibe

Whether it be makeup hacks or trendy fashion tips, Pooja’s reels have it all and they can totally act as lifesavers if you find yourself standing in front of your closet with no idea what to wear. So if you’re looking for fashion inspo, look no further!

Shereen, @shereenlovebug

Shereen’s positivity and energy is super endearing. In my opinion, her content is both relatable and whimsical and definitely one of the more quirky content creators out of the bunch if you’re looking for something different on your feed.

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